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Du er her: Skole > Step down from your throne

Step down from your throne

Sang/dikt med en litt dypere mening, samme stil som Shallow lake. Kommenter gjerne =)

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Verse 1)

It crossed my mind on an occasional day / that you had long ago slipped away

Reminiscing the evenings at my room / the heat from candle lights / your sweet perfume

It was really you / who kept the lights glowing so long / so long / so long


Verse 2)

Days passed so slowly when you were around / your diamond eyes / golden hair crown

At the first day of separation / you left in my car / from that moment on / no two beats per heart

A hole in my heart / that couldn’t be touched / kept building up as I missed you so much

And now, love / look where we wound up / stop, glance at the world – as if you weren’t on top



Oh I’ll be here / waiting for you – queen / don’t let the fame / become a routine

You don’t have rusty pipes and dirty sheets / I do / but my love stretches further than any rubber band

Please don’t let our love fade to be colorless / let my apartment become your address


End part)

I’m waiting in this white bed beside me / and the hole in my heart / cannot mend from surgery alone

Step down from your throne / and care - for who your heart - has known


(And still knows)

(Before the hope is gone for good)




Your depression’s taking over the expression on your face, when you see her bloom

When you laugh, I see tears of sorrow in your eyes, I see shades of grey across your smile, oh my, can’t understand why.

Pickled, fumbling around

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