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9th of April 1940

En oppgave om 9. april 1940. Dagen Tyskland innvaderte Norge. Ikke basert på fakta...

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I woke up to a silent morning, an unpleasant silence. The streets of Stavanger were empty, not a single person in sight. The one and only thing you could see, was the sun, which filled up the streets. I was standing inside my house, looking out of the big, clear window. I looked at my watch, “5:30 AM” it said. That explained why there was no people there. Thus, I went back to bed, to get some more sleep.


Next day (8th of April), I woke up by the noise of the people around, just an ordinary day in town. Therefore, I did as usually, and went out for a walk. There were many people in the centre, as usually. I took the normal course, went to the butcher, the grocery store and the florist's shop. I was a regular customer at all of the stores. They all were happy to see me every day. When I started on the walk home, I met Mrs. Gunderson, “Good morning Ole. How are you?” she said. It was always fun to talk with her, because of her openness. “Hello yourself, I’m fine. What about you?” I answered. “I’m just fine. Out for a walk I see?” she said. “Yeah. It is so fine weather, so I went for a walk”.


The clock started to approach 7:00 PM, and suddenly you could hear a “BOOOM”. The German invasion has begun. Over six hundred soldiers from the German army were marching up the main streets, ordering everyone to get back to their houses. They screamed out, “Go back to your houses. Everyone who deny, will be killed!”. The panic was loose in Stavanger. Everyone wanted to get away, but only some made it. They refused all citizens to have a radio, and they went from house to house, checking for radios. The airspace over, not only Stavanger, but whole Norway was full of fighters. I ran back to my house, and I went to bed. I woke up several times during the night, because of the marching soldiers.


They walked up and down the streets using a device to find radios, those who had it, had to pay the price with their life. We all had to realize it; Norway had been invaded by Germany with a surprise. However, it took over two months before the Norwegian government surrendered; however, the Norwegian king had already escaped before the surrendering.

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