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Across the barricades

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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Place:Northern Ireland, in the capital Belfast.




Setting:       There’s a barricade in the «street»,


in the minds of the people


and a social barricade.



  • SADIE JACKSON - Protestant, 16 (nearly 17) years old.
  • Mrs. (Aggie) Jackson - Sadie’s mother.
  • Mr. (Jim) Jackson - Sadie’s father, Orange Lodge.
  • Tommy Jackson - Sadie’s brother.
  • Linda Mullet - Sadie’s old schoolfriend, Tommy’s girlfriend.
  • Mrs. (Jessica) Mullet - Linda’s mother, «friends» of the Jacksons, disliked of Aggie.
  • Mr. (Bill) Mullet - Linda’s father, in the Orange Lodge together with Jim Jackson.
  • Granny McEvoy - The Mullets old neighbour.
  • Steve - Tommy’s friend from schooldays, keen on Sadie but she don’t like him, he doesn’t know.
  • Mrs. McConkey - the woman who owns the shop Brede’s visiting on the way to Sadie. Dies.
  • Mr. (Twinkle) Blake - Sadie’s old geography teacher. Meets Kevin & Sadie, they stay a lot there.
  • KEVIN McCOY - Catholic boy, nearly 18 years old.
  • Mr. (Pete) McCoy - Kevin’s father.
  • Mrs. (Mary) McCoy - Kevin’s mother.
  • Brede McCoy - Kevin’s nice sister.
  • Kate Kelly - Brede’s friend, likes Kevin, live in the same street at the McCoys. Catholic.
  • Mr. (Dan) Kelly - Kate’s father. Kevin works for him in the scrapbuisness.
  • Mrs. Kelly - Kate’s mother, friend of Mrs. McCoy.
  • Gerald McCoy - Kevin’s little brother.
  • Uncle Albert - Kevin and Brede’s uncle.
  • Brian Rafferty - Kevin’s old friend, beats and treatens Kevin, disliked by Kevin. Gun.
  • Pat Rafferty - Brian’s father.
  • Mrs. Rafferty - Brian’s mother.
  • Moira Henderson - Friend and neighbour of Mr. Blake. 3 children who Sadie looks after. Catholic, married with a Protestant man.


    Kapittel 1:


    Sadie meets Kevin by accident in the street one day. Sadie’s a Protestant and Kevin’s a Catholic living in Nothern Ireland in the capital, Belfast. It’s about 3 years since they’ve seen eachother. They go for a cup of coffee and talk about their families and how they’ve been. Kevin’s working in the scrapbuisness, and Sadie’s working in a hat department. They take a walk up to Cave Hill. On the way they meet Linda Mullet, Sadie’s old schoolfriend and Tommy, Sadie’s brother’s girlfriend. She dislikes that they two are hanging out together since he’s a Catholic and she’s a Protestant.


    Kapittel 2:


    Home at the Jacksons, where Sadie lives: Linda comes to see Tommy and tell’s Sadie’s parents that she saw Sadie and Kevin together. They don’t like it, especially not Sadie’s parents. 3 summes ago Sadie and Tommy got mixed up with Kevin and his sister Brede. Afterwards they became friends but had to part because it was to hard to stick together because of the fact that they were both Catholics and Protestants. Mrs. Jackson was very upset and thought Sadie would lead them in to trouble.




    Kapittel 3:


    Home at the McCoys house, where Kevin lives: Mrs. McCoy’s worried because Kevin hasn’t come home jet, Brede, Kevin’s one of many sisters calms her. Uncle Albert comes to visit. Brede goes to see Kate, she runs into Brian and argues with him. The Prov(isionals) were a splinter group from IRA who only thought they could acheive a united Ireland by violence.


    Kapittel 4:


    Kevin & Sadie are on Cave Hill. Afterwards Sadie meets some friends for her job but they don’t like Kevin because he’s a Mick (= a Catholic). Kevin & Sadie argues about the differences of numbers og kids in their family, but they become friends again. They’re walking hand in hand on the way home.


    Kapittel 5:


    Mrs. Mullet’s visiting Mrs. Jackson - doesn’t like Mrs. Mullet. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Mullet are on a meeting with the Orange Lodge. Mrs. Mullet’s trying to get Tommy and Linda married, but Mrs. Jackson won’t. Mrs. Mullet’s critisizing Sadie for seeing Kevin - Linda told her.


    Linda & Tommy are on a cafe, they meet Steve, Tommy’s friend, who is keen on Sadie, Sadie doesn’t like him, but he doesn’t know that. Steve told Linda and Tommy that he had joined the Lodge. He’s trying to convince Tommy to join too but Tommy doesn’t want to. (Long time ago there was a fight where Brede almost got killed, and then he decided not to ever walk in the Orange Parade). Tommy and Linda meet Kevin and Sadie on their way home. They say hello and Kevin goes home. Linda, Tommy and Sadie also but in another direction. Linda doesn’t like that Sadie’s going with a Mick and they end up in a fight. When Sadie and Tommy get home Sadie argues with her parents about Kevin.


    Kapittel 6:


    When Kevin comes home he tells his sister Brede about his meeting with Sadie, and that he’s going to see her again. Brede’s not angry but she thinks it might be leading in to troubles.


    Next day Kevin meets Brian on the way to work. They talk about being a good patriot and being ready to fight. Then Kevin’s of for work at Mr. Kelly’s. When he comes home from work that day Brian is waiting for him inside. They go over to Brian’s place and there Brian shows Kevin a gun he has got. Kevin thinks its stupid and dangerous because the army is around searching for that kind of stuff nowadays. Brian gets angry, Kevin goes home.


    Kapittel 7:


    Sadie and Kevin spend all day together in Bangor. At the end of the day they argue about what they believe in. Sadie couldn’t understand that Kevin could confess to the priest about everything, and Kevin couldn’t understand that Sadie could worshipp statues and old people. Kevin leaves Sadie there, but comes back after a while. Then they become friends again. Kevin kisses Sadie. They miss the last buss home and got a lift with a car, who seemed to be Uncle Albert.


    Kapittel 8:


    On the way home Uncle Albert’s car breaks down. They have to go the last piece home to Belfast. They pass a burning truck which had been blown up by a landmine, the driver was killed. When they get to Belfast they pass a battle between the army and some other men. They also pass a burning shop. They leave Uncle Albert and Kevin is going to walk Sadie home. Then they meet Mr. Jackson, Mr. Mullet and Tommy. It is 3 o’clock in the morning.




    Kapittel 9:


    They are really angry and they almost fight with Kevin. Kevin returns home, he passes the fire again, at Doyle’s pub. Suddenly he hears a gunfire and troughs himself down to the pavement. He sees the victim at the opposite pavement get killed. Afterwards he meets Brian. He had heard about Sadie. They argue about that and the situation in N.I. Kevin goes home.


    The next day Kevin meets Kate, who is very cold to him. In the evening he meets Sadie. They part to go separately  on the way home to avoid trouble, after they decide to meet at the same place next day. At the way home Kevin is attacked by three boys, they jump on him, kicks him and calls him a traitor. Kevin recognize one of them. It is Brian.


    Kapittel 10:


    Brede’s trying to find Sadie to talk to her about Kevin. She goes to her work but is told that Sadie got the sack that day. She decides to go to Sadie’s house though it’s dangerous. She has to stop to ask for the direction in Mrs. McConkeys shop. Mrs. Mullet helps Brede finding the way though she a little suspicious about her. Brede talk to Tommy first, and he gets Sadie for her. Brede and Sadie go for a cup og coffee. Brede tells Sadie about Kevin’s attack and begs Sadie to stop seeing him orelse he’ll be badly hurt. Sadie likes Brede, and she understands her. Brede leafes the cafe. It’s 20 minuites to Sadie’s date with Kevin, should she go or not? She didn’t want to see Kevin hurt, but she didn’t want to leave him. She didn’t know if she should go or not.


    Kapittel 11:


    Kevin’s waiting for Sadie, she’s late and he’s very sick. He can barrily stand. An old man sees him and tries to get him home but Kevin wants to wait for Kevin. When they’re about to leave Sadie arrives. She knows that old man, it’s Mr. Blake or Twinkle Blake like they used to call him. It’s her old geography-teacher. He’s a Protestant but he doesn’t care that Kevin’s a Catholic. They all three drives home to Mr. Blakes house, he lives alone. They stay there for a while, while Kevin rests. Sadie and Kevin talk and Sadie tells Kevin that she have decided not to see him anymore because she don’t want to see him get hurt.


    Kapittel 12:


    Mr. Blake and Sadie drives Kevin home, and they agree on meeting at Mr.Blake’s house for supper on Friday, it’s not so dangerous. They liked Mr.Blake. When Sadie gets home she and Tommy suddenly hears a loud bang.


    When Sadie gets home she and Tommy suddenly hear a loud bang. Mrs. McConkey’s shop was going up in flames. Mrs. McConkey died. Mrs. Mullet blames Brede for putting a bomb or something in the shop because she saw her in the shop earlier that day and walked with her home. She demands Sadie to tell her what it was that Brede wanted, but Sadie doesn’t say a thing.


    The next day Sadie must pretend to go to work because she hasn’t told her mother yet that she got the sack. She goes to visit Mr. Blake to cover.


    Kapittel 13:


    Mr. Blake and Sadie talk and Mr. Blake offer Sadie to clean and steady his house every day for a bit of money because he’s so old. She agrees, and she’s happy to have found another job.


    Next door to Mr. Blake lives Moira Henderson and her family. Moira is a Catholic and her husband is a Protestant. They’ve got 3 children and are very happy. She talkes to Moira and see that she have a lot to do with the children. She offers to take care of the children in the afternoons so that Moira could paint as she acctually does. Moira agress and says that she’ll pay Sadie. Now Sadie’s got 2 job and she tells her mother and father.


    On Friday Sadie and Kevin meet at Mr. Blake’s house. Kevin is much better, they’re happy that Mr. Blake is letting them stay there, he’s nice and kind.




    Kapittel 14:


    Kevin is still sick and can’t go to work, he’s restless and can’t manage to stay inside the house. One day when he’s not home Mrs. Kelly is visiting Mrs. McCoy. Then the time comes for Mrs. McCoy to deliver her 9th child. They drive away to the hospitale. Kevin’s out and on the way home he meets Kate. He tells her that it has never been any serious between them and she gets sad. He goes home, he talkes to Brede about her and Brede tells that she have seen Kate hanging around with Brian Rafferty. Kevin’s not meeting Sadie this evening, Sadie’s aunt is visiting them. Sadie, her aunt and her mother is sitting talking and suddenly they’re arguing over Sadie’s job, her mother thinks she’s trying to find something else, Sadie leafes the house in anger. She goes for a cup of coffee and meets Linda and Steve. They begin arguing about Kevin and Steve treats Sadie. Steve and Linda leafes and after a while so do Sadie, but she’s missing Kevin.


    Uncle Albert’s coming to visit at McCoys place. He’s telling them that the army’s having a search in every house in the street. They all go outside to see. Kevin was thinking of the gun in Brian’s room and in a few minuites the army where in the Raffertys house. The army didn’t find anything. Kevin stood next to Brian and Brian look happy. Now McCoys turn had come.


    Kapittel 15:


    The army search the house but find nothing. When they were finished they all went in bed. After a while the army came back to pick up Kevin. They had found a gun in Mr. Kelly’s scrapyard and Kevin had key to the yard. They accused Kevin for putting it there. Kevin denyed of course, but he recognized the gun from Brian’s room. The army says that somebody saw him putting it in the scrapyard, and that the person was Kate Kelly. Kevin had to come with the police to the station, his father came with him. In the morning, Brede runs down to the policestation and the police says that her brother and father soon will come home. She tells the police about Kate’s relationship with Kevin, then she runs home. After a little while her brother and father come home too. Kevin goes for a walk, he stops between some houses and waits for Brian. He’s walking this way on his way to work. Kevin would teach him a lesson. Beat him up. Brede sees where Kevin’s going.


    Kapittel 16:


    Mr. Blake get a warningletter in the mail. Two. His been warned for keeping Sadie and Kevin in his house. Somebody knows even though they have beed extremely careful. But Mr. Blake burns the letters so that Sadie won’t find them. He won’t worry Kevin and Sadie any more. Then Kevin comes for a visit. He has blood on his shirt, but it isn’t his. It’s Brian Rafferty’s. Kevin tells Mr. Blake that he has beaten Brian up. Mr. Blake understands why he did it. A little while later Sadie comes to Mr. Blake. Kevin sleeps all day at Mr. Blake’s house and in the meanwhile Sadie cleans his shirt etc. When she goes home for her tea, she meets Tommy outside the house. He shows her that somebody had paintet «A traitor lives here» on their wall. They clean it off. But Sadie has no intention of stop seeing Kevin, she doesn’t give up that easily.


    Next day Sadie, Kevin and Mr. Blake is going for a ride in the countryside. When she goes to Mr. Blake’s house she doesn’t see that the word traitor has been repainted on the wall. Mr. Blake takes the car, when they have driven for some time they notice that one wheel is loose and thay can’t control the car. They crash in the sea wall. 




    Kapittel 17:


    People stop and help them. The police comes and they are brought to the nearest hospital for a check. They’re all right. The police-rapport shows that every four wheels where loose and that somebody had to loosen them. But neighter of them tell anything to the police. Kevin doesn’t tell about him beating up Brian Rafferty, Sadie doesn’t tell about the painting on the wall (because that doesn’t Kevin and Mr. Blake know eihter). When Mr. Blake’s alone with the police he tells them about the treatening letters, but he doesn’t tell Kevin and Sadie. Kevin and Sadie decides that they shouldn’t meet so often at Mr. Blake’s house any more. Maybe just once a week, but Sadie is still going to come and wash and clean every day. Kevin desided for himself when he was going home that he was never to see Sadie again, it is too difficult. On his way home he meet Mr. Kelly and tells him that he can come back to work next week. Mr. Kelly tells him that he doesn’t need to bother. He’s got the sack. Kevin knows it’s because of Kate Kelly, Mr. Kelly’s doughter. Kevin tells his family that he’s got the sack, they’re not happy. He tried to find work at the Labour Exchange but they didn’t have anything to offer him.


    Kapittel 18:


    Sadie waits for Kevin’s call that never comes. The day when they should go in the Orange parade comes but Sadie takes a ride to Bangor. There she meets Kevin by accident. Sadie askes why he hasn’t called and Kevin says that it seemed wiser not to, Sadie understands. Kevin tells Sadie that his out of work and that he’s going to leave Belfast. Sadie gets sad, and says that she’ll miss him. They spend all day together, but they travel home separately. They’ll going to meet at Mr. Blake’s house on Wednesday.


    Kevin’s parents and the youngest kids where going away on a holiday for some time. Kevin, Brede and the oldest kids are home alone. On Wednesday he goes to Mr. Blake’s to meet Sadie. They spend Saturday together also.


    One day when Kevin is out for a walk he meets Mr. Kelly who offers him to come back and work for him again, but Kevin won’t. He is sick of everything, hate everything ecept from Sadie. He doesn’t want to stay there anymore.


    Kapittel 19:


    Sadie weakes up one morning, she’s going to spend the day with Kevin but told her parent she was to spend the day with the Hendersons. Mike Henderson come to Sadie in the morning. But he has got bad news, he told her that Mr. Blake was dead. Somebody threw a petrol bomb into his house that night. Mr. Henderson drives her to her meetingplace with Kevin, Sadie tells him about Mr. Blake. They go to the big funeral some time later. After the funeral Sadie and Kevin go for a walk to Cave Hill and Kevin tells Sadie that he’s going to leave next week, he can’t stand this anymore.


    Kapittel 20:


    Kevin says good-bye to his family, they wish him good luck in England. Brede walks with him a little bit and Kevin promises to write and says that he’ll miss her. On the way he meets Kate Kelly who tells him that Brian Rafferty made her tell that she saw Kevin putting the gun in the scrapyard. Then Kevin’s off. Sadie meets Kevin at the docks. He was going to take a boat to Liverpool and stay there. When he meets Sadie she tells him that she wants to go with him, she doesn’t have anything with her because she couldn’t leave home with the luggage, but they’ll manage, she’s got her ticket. So they’re both off to Liverpool and will live happily ever after….THE END!!

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