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Racism and Holocaust

En tekst om rasisme, og med hovedvekt på jødeforfølgelsen i forbindelse med 2. verdenskrig.

Skrevet i 9. klasse.

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Racism is commonly caused by xenophobia (fear of foreigners), extreme sense of nationalism or inexperience. Nationalism, in that form of strong desire to keep the country “clean” from other races or opinions, such as the “White coloured” or the “Black coloured” and disparity between religions. Most people refer to the ongoing fights between “Blacks”and “Whites” when they hear the word “Racism”. That is of course also a form of racism; many think that skin is the only cause of racism.


Slavery is based on racism along with holocaust and the Ku Klux Klan.



Approximately 6 million humans where slaughtered, tortured and forced to obey the most malicious leaders into horrible labour, which resulted for many with fatal exhaustion, and not even a single child was reprieved. Those who didn’t die of exhaustion died in gas chambers, was hung, shot or died of disease. You may think it sounds impossible that the cruel treatment could get worse than this, but it amazingly and tragically occurred with the 10,000 – 25,000 homosexuals within the same concentration camps. They were often assigned the more dangerous or/and dreadful tasks, such as searching for golden teeth’s in the large piles of dead, mutilated bodies. They were forced upon pink triangles so that the guards could aim at the pink triangles and use them as target practice.


In the concentration camps, some wacko scientist saw the opportunity to carry out medical experiments on these already doomed victims. One of those wacko maniacs was Dr. Josef Mengele. He was the most notorious evil doctor of that carried out these atrocities, based upon my experience of reading, because he was the one that were written most about.


Information about the experiments was limited because Dr. Josef sent all of his notes in to truckloads to Dr. Otmar von Verschuer in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute only to be burned to ashes in Dr. Josef great despair. But I have found enough facts to know that Dr. Josef tried to inject dye into the eyes of living human children to see if he was able to change the colours of the pupil. None of his experiments occurred in much scientific value. Also he put victims in pressure chambers to see how long they would survive. This was to help the German pilots. He also tried to sew the veins of to twins together to create artificial conjoined Siamese twins.




The picture above shows a small child that lays waiting for the death to relieve it from the inhumane atrocities it has suffered. This child is one of many poor children’s that fell over and died of the terrible conditions that they suffered in the biggest Jewish ghetto the Nazis possessed, the“Warsaw Ghetto”.


My opinions

Imagine that all of these mentioned atrocities is based upon one thing; Racism. I believe that racism is all because the racist have eaten fake facts and have not dared to try to learn how things really are and haven’t dared to experience it in fear of the truth for some reason. I also believe that some of them are just using racism as an excuse to murder, kill and mutilate people.

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