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Cats vs. Dogs

Comparison essay about cats and dogs.

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Have you ever thought about getting a dog or a cat, but don’t know which one will suit you the best? Then maybe the things I have compared here can help you to make up your mind.  


The cats and the dogs are both very intelligent, but they are not both easy to train. The cats are a lot intelligent animals than people think they are. They are capable of forming attachments and communicating with the people with their needs and wants. They are also capable of “instinctual thoughts”. I’ve also heard about cats that have saved people’s life. Dogs are also very clever animals, and that’s why many are used for work. These dogs are called working dogs. Among them we can find sheepdogs, guard dogs, guide dogs and more. In contrast to the cat, a dog is easy to train, and very eager to learn new things.


One of the most important things could be your economy and the price of the animal.


Usually you can get a cat for free, except when it’s a pure breed. Then it can cost as much as 10.000 NOK. Food for cats costs from 20 to 100 NOK per kg. The cat needs other things too, for example: A litter box, toys, food- and water bowls and more. You have to take it to the vet once a year to give it vaccination shots, and to check if the cat is healthy.

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