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Tribute to Alan Shearer

Dette er en ballade på engelsk, laget som en hyllest til fotballspilleren Alan Shearer.

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Alan Shearer is the name,

of a boy who worked his way to football fame.

You ask, how did he do it?

Well, he forced himself to stay fit.

Every morning he ran,

like no other man,

twenty-thirty miles, its true.

He even ran a hole in his shoe.

It was before the sun he was up,

before the opening of any shop.

And later that same day,

he went to play

football for hours on his own,

until his mother came and dragged him home.




He was born August 13, 1970

and it wasn’t in a place you would call heavenly.

It was in Newcastle, in Gosforth local,

there they were so poor that they couldn’t buy charcoal.

So he started playing football

and he was the best of them all.

It was funny,

and he thought of the money.  

The coach soon found out how good he was,

so when Alan was ill it was a big loss.

The coach rescheduled the matches Alan couldn’t make.

Then the team could win all the matches and celebrate by the lake.

Some scouts from Newcastle football club saw him

and wanted him to try to play for their team.




He didn’t make it.

Actually, it went like shit.

The qualities he had were of the kind Newcastle missed,

so they were wrong getting him dismissed.

But Southampton saw it.

His talent and his determination to stay fit.

He was striker number one.

How many were better than him? None!

He made his league debut in 1988,

and he wasn’t late

to score the youngest first class hat-trick.

One of the goals he scored was with just a little flick!

And it wasn’t against an easy team, oh no.

They had Arsenal as their foe.




Later on, Blackburn became Alan’s team

and his career started to gleam.

He helped Blackburn win the championship,

he fought every match with feet, shoulder and hip.

Now Newcastle was interested in him,

and it was no whim.

He got a lot of offers, from all the good teams,

but to play for Newcastle was his childhood dream.

He had some problems in the beginning,

but it didn’t keep him from winning.

He plays for Newcastle even today,

and he isn’t less appreciated on Newcastle’s clay.

So this was the story,

about Shearer and his glory.



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