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Fordeler of ulemper ved datateknologien.
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There is no doubt that technology has affected our society significantly. Especially the last 20-30 years. The traditional jobs have been replaced by other types of jobs that are connected to the new technology. It has brought us a whole new spectre of opportunities. The arrival of the Internet has changed the world forever, and brought us closer to each other, whether we like it or not.


Today’s, job market has changed from what we used to have not so long ago. From working in industrial factories, people have had a tendency to search for technology-related careers. This is also reflected in students choices of studies and jobs. Many of the jobs that was done by man-power have been replaced by machines that are controlled by computers. These types of jobs are often difficult and “heavy”. With the computers came new types of jobs. In order to make them work efficiently you need personnel who can maintain the computers operative, and constantly improve them. And of course the Internet has given us many new possibilities. In the news lately we have seen that young men (women) have been making so called Internet-companies, and are making a lot of money on a short period of time. And it’s predicted that it IT-related companies are going to increase for the next few years. Therefor there is also a huge demand for people with IT competence. We have seen that students with this type of education often get jobs months before they’ve accomplished their exams. This just indicates how “desperate” these companies are.


Along with the new technology, we also have the “winners” and the “losers”. Those who have the resources, and are able to get the computers and the accessories that is needed. Will get an advantage towards those who are less fortunate and are unable to get these things. We’ve also seen that boys tend to use the computer a lot more than girls. The girls are not as interested as the boys in computers, maybe because that it doesn’t appeal to them at the same level as it does for the boys.


There is no doubt that the new technology has eliminated many traditional jobs, but also created new type of jobs. The Internet has arrived along with many new possibilities. Both now and into the future we’ll clearly see that the youth of today will choose more careers that are related to the new technology. The difference between those who can handle the “change” and those who can’t will appear. And we’ll have a new type of “losers” in the advanced society. Knowledge is Power.

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