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If I said I loved you

Dette er en duett, og bør synges/ leses av to personer for å få frem poenget. Håper på kommentarer under :)
Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:05.01.2008

If I said I love you, would you love me back?
I can't sit her any longer than I already have, so I'm gonna take the chance.


I will love you forever, that I never can deny.


You know that I love you, so why won't you take a chance on me?


Lets make the moment last forever.


From now on, I'm not gonna hide…


…That we love each other, that we will not care


If everyone else is against it, it's their problem.


Everyday from now on, we can do what we want, we don’t have to hide.


Gonna show our love, and go out, gonna giveeahother a shout.


- I never thought you liked me

- But that’s just a lie

- Cause never have I liked somebody so mutch

- That I`ve alwas did blush

- Wherever it takes us

- We`re gonna make it through.

- We got a loot to learn together, but as long as vi are together, Were have to follow our hearts.

Together, we are now

We're not perfect, but will work that out.

Gonna meet each other in the middle

We'll be alright.

Holding hands

Take a dance

So from now on

We're not gonna hide

Our love for each other, not gonna lie

But the best is still that we got each other

That we can screm it out!

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