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I have always loved you, you just doesn't know it

Enda en sang laget av meg. Har notene i hodet, og teksten i hjertet. Jeg vil gjerne ha kommentar pŚ den, men husk " to read between the lines".
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:25.12.2007

Cause if youíd look at me, I would look away.

I guess Iím too shy, to go my own way.

Why canít we all just be our self for one day?

I guess itís not possible to see the right way.

Cause Iím stuck in the dark, and I donít know when Iím getting out.

I guess Iím just got to be here. Till I find my own way out.

Iím longing too se you, I canít describe how much.

What would I not do, just to see you one more time?


I remember that I didnít see the tunnel coming, and I didnít know how dark it was.

 Suddenly I was in it, and I didnít know how to get out.

I hoped that you would be in the end, that you would have waited for me.

But even its darker here, I see things more clearly.

Why would you wait for me? Iím not better than nobody around you.

But the feelings inside me will never change.

I loved you from the first sight, and I still do.


I got my chance for a long time ago.

I loved you then, but still I said no.

I hided my feelings for such a long time,

But now that I found them, theyíre stronger than ever,

And I know that theyíre coming from behind.


It doesnít matter what other would say. I would love you as the same.

No matter if youíre black or white, tall or short, youíre mine or not.

I will always love you. No matter what.


But the questionís rolling in my head. They wonít ever let me go.

Why would you like me? Do you forgive me for the way I said no?

Do even remember me? If yes, why is it so?

Do you still have feelings for me, are you just shy?

I do love you so much, but I almost canít remember why.


My thoughtís is out of control. There is nothing I can do about it.

I guess Iím just going to have too let you know how I feel.

But I canít deny, that Iím too shy, too tell you the truth.


In the end, I guess that thereís nothing else for me to do, than to wait for you.

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