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My Rap for the Class

Wanting to love but not completly accepted for how you are.

Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:07.12.2007

Love is difficult to find

Ones like, once was on my mind

She’s always on my mind

Loves the thing to chose

Easy to loose

But don’t be confused

And let her choose


Easy to target

But hard to forget

Girl you are my destiny

My remedy

My energy


Girl you’ve got me mesmerised

Girl when I look in our eyes

It came to me as a surprise


Don’t you pretend

To condemn

My attempts

To make you accept me

The way I am

To make you love me

But girl I never say this b’ 4

But you drive me wild and

Make me proud

I already do girl

Love you

Cus you are my boo.

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