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Letter to the City Counsil

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Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:25.11.2007
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Dear Sir,


Do you think I’m a child since you make rules like that for me? I'm fifteen years old and I'm almost an adult. There’s no need for a guardian to follow me everywhere, telling me what to do and when to go home. I can’t have my mother yelling at me all day long. She thinks she can give me orders and command me like she used to do when I was younger. No mothers or fathers can control me any longer. I want to be with my friends whenever I want to. We would also like to do whatever we want to. You must not get under the impression that we walk around vandalizing the streets. If we have a need to run wild, we can do it at any time. Do you understand what I mean? Why won't you trust us, instead of making these meaningless, negative curfews when you are aware of that we cannot uphold them anyway? Give us back our youth club instead!





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