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A happy Valentine

Laura er uten kjæreste, men det ser ut til å endre seg.

Karakter: 6/5 (10. klasse)

Sjanger:NovelleLastet opp:15.11.2007

The Valentine’s Day was approaching. The snow fell softly to the ground, and made it white. You could see happy couples everywhere, and the shopping windows were filled by boxes of chocolate, roses and small hearts made of paper. Everything seemed so perfect. But as we know, not everybody has someone to share the Valentine’s Day with. Most of them are ok with this, but some feel really unhappy thinking about being alone on the special day. One of these people was fifteen-year-old Laura, and it’s her this story is about.


It was Friday morning, the day before Valentine’s Day. Laura grabbed her schoolbag and slammed the front door behind her. The snowflakes hit her face, and made her wrap herself up with her scarf. She met Ellen at the regular place. They always walked to school together.

- Look at Carrie and Dylan, she said, and pointed to the two of them standing hand in hand right across the street. - Carrie does always catch the cutest boys!

- What? Laura had been lost in her own thoughts. She didn’t have a boyfriend anymore. Kevin and she had been together for almost a year, when he surprisingly broke up with her two months ago. It was a long time since she got over that crush, but she still wondered why he had broke up so suddenly. They had had such a great time together! She dreaded tomorrow. It wouldn’t be that fun to sit alone at home, while all your friends were going out with their boyfriends. Ellen did leastways not have any problems on that area. She was together with Timothy, and he had probably already ordered a table at the most romantic restaurant in the city. All of a sudden she got interrupted of her daydreaming, by a boy running into her so she almost lost her balance and fell.

- Oh, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! He said breathless. - But I’ve got my neighbour running after me… threw a snowball at him… I didn’t mean it this way… he got really mad at me… I have to go now…

The words came panting out of him, and before Ellen and Laura knew it, he was gone. They turned, and saw the man that probably was the boy’s neighbour, come running after him with a broom in his hand.


When he was gone too, Laura said:

- Who on earth was that?

- I have no idea. But it looked like he’s on our age. Maybe he’s new in town, or something.

- We’ll find out.

- While talking, what are you doing tomorrow night?

- Oh, I’ll figure out something. Watch a movie, or something like that.

The big school building showed up, and they increased their speed.


After having toiled through a school day where everybody mostly talked about Valentine’s Day, Laura went home with Ellen.

- By the way, said Ellen. - Some people at school are having a “welcome-party” for some new guy. It’s going to be like a surprise-party at the same time. They wondered if you and I wanted to join. I said it was ok with us. Is that alright?

- Yeah, sure. Why not. Laura had nothing to do that night anyway. A new guy? She wondered who that was. What if… No, it couldn’t be the boy that ran into her in the morning. Or could it? She was sure Ellen would have known it if it was him. They arrived at Laura’s house, and separated.


A couple of hours later, Laura stood in her bathroom putting on make-up. She was going to meet Ellen soon, and they were supposed to walk over to Riley’s house, were the party was held. Laura was curious about this new boy. Who was he? It wasn’t that often new people moved into the neighbourhood. And especially not people her age. She put on her scarf and went outside into the snow. It had stopped snowing now. Ellen came, and they went to the party. Many of the girls from school were there, and some boys too. In half an hour, Ellen’s boyfriend Timothy would come over with Chris, which was the name of the new boy. Laura, Ellen and the others spent the time making everything ready. Soon it was just five minutes left until Timothy and Chris were coming. One of the girls came over to Laura.

- Ok, it’s just five minutes left now. You know what you are going to do, right?

- Ehm, I’m sorry, but I don’t. Do? Was she going to do something?Did Ellen know about this?!

- Yes, right after Chris has come, and after everybody has shouted “welcome to town!” and all that stuff, you are going to kiss Chris. Hey, that rhymed! But wait a minute…

- Kiss him? On his mouth?! But… I can’t do that! Laura was dismayed.

- Yes. Everybody agree, so you have to do it.


Well, it was just to clench her teeth and go for it. The last five minutes seemed to be ten times shorter than they really were. Laura was nervous when she heard the front door open. Someone turned off the light, and everybody found a place to hide. Timothy and Chris came in, the lights got turned on, and everybody shouted “welcome to town!”. But… She was right! Laura went to Chris, whispered “welcome”, and kissed him. Then they both got embarrassed, and she hurried back to Ellen.

- Did you know about this?! Laura hissed into Ellen’s ear.

- I’m sorry, forgot to tell you!


One hour later, Chris surprisingly came over to Ellen.

- Can we talk? He said. Laura nodded, and snatched her scarf as they went outdoor.

- First of all, I’m sorry I ran into you this morning.

- Oh, that’s ok, Laura smiled.

- And that kiss…

- I’m sorry about that, she interrupted him. - I didn’t mean to make you embarrassed.

- No, don’t worry about that. Actually, I was going to ask you if you wanted to do it again…

And they did. Laura leaned against his shoulder, and knew she would have a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow…

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