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Close to you

Trengte bare å få det ut!.. Et kortvarig forhold som forsvant sammen med sommeren.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:08.10.2007

so close to you,

but yet so very far away.

just wanna run over to you,

throw myself into your arms

one more time.

feel your hands in mine.

i miss you honey.

if you just only knew how much.

your eyes shining in the sunlight,

your smile lighting up the night,

all the things i never was or never will be

i found in you and your beautiful perfect soul.

i love you.

there will never be someone like you, ¨

ever again, my first love.

we did it all, shared so much,

every day through the summer.

i just wanna stay here,

in your safe arms forever.

i just wanna lie here,

in this bed togeder, baby.

i know all this may sound stupid to you,

but its the truth.

you opened a whole new world to me.

i opened my heart to you, my love.

and now its all over.

im just holding on to a past,

that wouldn't last..

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