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Can telling the truth be cruel?

Ærlighet varer lengst, eller kanskje det er lurt å fortelle noen hvite løgner?

Sjanger:EssayLastet opp:14.09.2007
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Growing up, most children are told to always tell the truth and that honesty lasts the longest. However, as you get more life experience, and become more and more familiar with the situations life serves you, you realise that lying can be utterly neccesairy. In fact, telling the truth can be hazardous, if not cruel.


Honesty is far from associated with cruelty, because if it's delivered right, it's usually greatfully recieved, but everyone has a certain responsibility of adjusting the true colours given the reciever's supposable reaction to it. There are many different types of lies, for instance white lies in addition to many shades of grey. White lies might prove useful when the motive is to protect someone's feelings, and when the information withheld isn't something that he or she would suffer from not knowing. This doesn't mean that white lies always are preferable, but given an awkward or painful alternative, it should be considered based on the circumstances.


An example of a white lie being used exquisitly is if you're a boy and your girlfriend asks you whether her behind looks fat or not in the newly bought dress and you answer no, even though you've noticed that the christmas food has eternalized on her. Another example is if a friend asks if you like her boyfriend, and you say that he's great even though you despie him.


Life can be tough, and the reality can devastate. Even though the truth can build trust and belief, it can't always weigh up for the consequences. My conclusion is that a human being isn't strong enough to handle the truth, and you should always use your words carefully because of this, even though it means that you have to camouflage the truth.

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