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Tila Tequila – The Madonna of MySpace

Tila Tequila – The Madonna of MySpace er en av mange som har blitt kjendis bare ved hjelp av internett.
Sjanger:ArtikkelLastet opp:21.07.2007

Tila Nguyen is a 25 years old girl, Vietnamese by heritage who lives in the U.S. There isn’t really a word for what she does for a living yet. By means of her special hobby, websites. She has created and developed her own working place. She is a combination of a singer, rapper, model and actress, but most of all she is the queen of the massive social networking website called MySpace. MySpace is a website where people all around the world can have their own profile, add friends, communicate and visit other peoples profiles.


Tilas internet adventure started in 2003 when she joined MySpace. I myself have a MySpace profile and I have only got three MySpace friends. It’s unbelieveable that she has 1,5 million MySpace-friends.(!) She must have been both incredible active and patient to achieve such a goal.


Even without using a modelstudio Tila has become a famous face, by means of her MySpace site. Her way of promoting her self on the internet is working fabilously well, and shows us how big the internet worldwide really is. As a result of her website she now has four managers, a publisist and a part-time assistent. She appears in a lot of Magazines, calendars, and these days she is dropping her first single called ”F*** Ya Man”


Why this unbelievable success? ”Tila Tequila” explains the secret behind her success like this: ”there’s a million hot naked chicks on the internet. There’s a differense between those girls and me. Those chicks don’t talk back to you”.

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