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The Sundering of the World

A short story of the animal's prehistoric life on our planet.
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A long, long time ago, when there were no humans on earth, the animals were the kings of the forest world. The world as we know it was covered with large mighty forest, and high mountains. The animals who lived on the planet, were very smart and had developed a good sight, good ears and noses. Over a long time the animals also developed a primitive form for language that allowed them to communicate with each other. Thought some groups of animals developed very slowly, other grew very fast, and became the leading species of the forest world. They were superior to the other animals, and the animals treated them as kings.


Over time, the mighty trees grew bigger and bigger. The sun glittered between the leaves and branches. The air was fresh as the water, and the grass moved softly across the lands like silken feathers. The animals had built mighty castles and fortresses across their beautiful lands. The mighty monkeys wanted to expand their kingdom, so they went on a journey to explore the unknown lands in the middle of the world.


As the monkeys came nearer the unexplored lands, they discovered a big lake. This wasn’t a normal lake. The water was glowing blue and glittered like the sun. As the time went by, the monkeys felt drawn by the mysterious powers of the lake. They discovered the secrets of the lake and its true meaning. The found out that the lake provided life to all living things on earth. They named the lake, “The well of Eternity”. By studying the powers of the lake, the monkeys developed special powers and spells. They found out that they could use the powers to protect themselves against evil minds.


At the same time a young horse named Malfurion Stormrage felt the abuse of the Well’s powers. He took off to warn the mighty monkeys about the catastrophic event that could unfold it if they continued to abuse the Well’s powers. When Malfurion came to the Well of Eternity, he spoke with the monkey’s leader, Grom Hellscream. – “You must stop with this reckless magical abuse now, or it will destroy us all,” Malfurion shouted to him. “I will not,” he yelled back to Malfurion. He saw that Grom and his monkeys lost themselves to the evil abuse of powers. – “If you do not stop this madness I will be forced to stop you myself,” Malfurion said. But Grom didn’t respond, and left the room.


Malfurion returned to his beloved forest of Ashenvale. There he joined force with many other animals, which were ready to top Grom Hellscream.


On the great day, they marched forwards to the Well of Eternity The air was cold that day. The clouds turned dark and closed up the sun. Day turned to night. Malfurion’s great army could be heard across the waste lands of Kalimdor.


After many miles of endless walking, Malfurion and his army finally reached their destination. When Grom saw the army coming, he burst in to panic. While the battle raged outside, Grom and his reckless sorcerers created a portal with their magic. The idea was that they would escape through the portal and into another dimension of the universe. But just at the last moment, Malfurion broke inside the holy room, and ended Grom’s life.


The portal broke down and a huge explosion ripped the world apart.


The one giant continent was now broken into seven continents that were spread to different corners of the earth. And where the Well Eternity once stood, the explosion left a huge hole on the earth. The waste seas desperately stormed in, and filled the open hole in the earth. Many animals died, but many survived too. The seven continents where later know to be the World’s seven continents.


This was the story of the animal’s prehistoric life in our prehistoric world.

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