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My life

En historie fra slavetiden.

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July 23, 1852

I was sitting next to my brother when I heard someone from the village screamed ”Americans, Americans"! I reacted quickly and grabbed my brother in his arm and we started to run for our lives. An old man in the village had earlier told us about the Americans, and how they treat us black people.


I was so scared if that would happen to my family. I could hear people who had been caught, screaming for help, but I did not stop, because I had my own family to take care of. Suddenly my biggest fear came alive; I had lost my little brother. How could that be possible! I just had him here, right next to me. Suddenly I heard my brother screaming my name. I started running in that direction. I saw two men who were holding my brother. I was so frightened and did not think longer that I am going to save my little brother. I grabbed a pitchfork on the ground. The two men who were holding my brother spotted me and picked up some kind of a rope. Suddenly those two men became seven, and they where everywhere, But I was focused on saving my brother from those men. I started to wave with my pitchfork towards them. Instead of get scared, they started laughing at me. I took my pitchfork and threw it at one of the men. I hit him in the stomach and he was screaming a language I didn't understand and suddenly he was gone. It all happened so fast and in the next second I was caught by the rope. A man came and hit me in the face and I fell on ground. I turned around and saw the Americans picked up a knife and stabbed my brother several times. I couldn't help him because I was tied up. I could hear him screaming before I fainted. I wish it could happen to me instead of him. I wish I could feel his pain.


Where am I? My head was hurting very badly. I opened my eyes, and saw people lying everywhere, black people. It took me a few minutes to understand that I was on a ship to America. People threw up, and it smelled like hell. The terrible pictures of my brother death came to me, and I couldn't forgive myself. If i hadn't lost my brother none of these things would have happened. The man next to me stated talking to me and said that I am not alone, losing someone I cared about. I didn't feel much better and those next days in the ship were tough. We heard the Americans talk with each other and in the night they danced and ate lots of good food. If we were lucky, they gave us little bit. When we were half through the journey, the Americans flushed us with cold water to get all the dirt away, but it didn’t took long time until the deck was filled up with dirt, vomit and bad odor.


Suddenly, I wake up by the ship that was not moving anymore and there were no waves. The Americans sounded happy to. The fear started agene, what would happen to me now?


The Americans grabbed us and tied us and some robe and placed us in carts. The carts where heading towards the town.


In the town there where lots of strange people who talked strange and acted funny. They looked at us like we where a bunch of animals. The cart stopped and a man started screaming something to the people. People assisted him and gave some kind of bids on us, since they picked up money and argued with the man. Suddenly something happened. The man lifted me of the cart, and gave me to the farmer. The farmer placed me on another cart, and drove away from the town. I that moment I didn't knew what was going to happen to me, and if my future wouldn’t look very good.


When we came to the farm I saw many other black people who were working on the fields. I knew right away that I was there for working for the farmer. When the cart stopped I was placed for work, The Americans told me things but I didn't understand what they meant. On the field came a black person to me and told me things about the family we were working for. He also told me that he was from Africa just like me and he had been separated from his family in the town and will probably never meet them again. He asked me how I came here, but I told him that I didn't want to talk about it right now.


My first day on this farm was horrible, I was punished several times because I did something wrong. Everyday, I hope that a miracle will come and save us all.

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