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When I moved to China

Et essay om en som flytter til Kina, og hvordan hun opplever å flytte til et helt nytt land.
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Two years ago my family and I moved to Bejing in China. My father’s company had got a job for him in China. He thought it was difficult to decide if he should take the job or not. But the hole family agreed to try to live there for one year. We all thought it would be hard to leave all our friends and family in Norway.


We left Norway 3rd January 2005. My father’s company had rented a big house in Bejing with a swimmingpool. I was very excited to see our new home, and look forward to our journey to China.

It took us many hours with plane to China. My brother and I had spend almost all our money on candy and toys, so we had a lot to do under the air-plane trip. When we finally landed i China, I had slept they last two hours. My first impression of China, was that it was a beautiful country.

When we got to the house, I saw that it was a real big house. The house had an old victorian style. I thought it was very beautiful. After we had unpacked our belongings, we took a bath in the swimmingpool.

They first days in China I was only swimming or reading. But on the fourth day we went to the town. It was very hot there, and I began to understand why the people in China wear those funny, big hats. I bought one myself. After many hours with shopping, we decided to eat on a Chinese restaurant. The food was okay, but very different from Norwegian food. My choosy brother didn’t like it, but nobody had expect that from him either.


My brother and I had to go to an English school, there where no Norwegian school in Bejing. At the school we met boys and girls from all over the world. They had also parents who lived in Bejing because of work. I made a lot of new friends this year. I was glad that we had learned english at school home in Norway, because that made my stay in China so much easier. One year went very fast, and then the day when we should leave China, came. It was sad to say goodbye to all my new friends, but I was also missing my friends in Norway. We used the last day in China to pack our belongings.

Now I have been back in Norway for one year, but I still miss China. I miss the warm weather and all my friends there. I hope to go back to China again.

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Jeg likte teksten veldig godt. Hvilken karakter fikk du ? har valgt å kopiere denne å gi den til læreren min, siden det var en god tekst + at jeg er veldig lat. hehe  Very Happy :-D

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