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"Narnia" by C. S. Lewis

A book review in English about Narnia.

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Tema:Drømmen om Narnia
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I chose to read the book Narnia. The book is written by C.S Lewis, a famous British writer of children’s books. It is said that Lewis wrote this book to his niece who was sick and later died. In the book Lewis named one of the main characters after his niece - Lucy.


The title of the book is Narnia. Narnia is a fictitious world and contains fictitious persons and animals. The animals can talk and do other supernatural things. In Narnia even trees are alive, and some of them are on the White Witch’s side. The book is all about good versus evil. In fact, there is a battle between the good and the bad. In front line of the good we have the Pevensie children; Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy in companion with Aslan, the great lion. These characters fight against the White Witch and her companions. Although Edmund betrays his siblings, he returns after a while fighting for the good and righteous.


In the beginning of the story the setting is London under the second world-war. Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy are sent away from London because of the air-raids and to be kept safely away from the war. They are sent to the house of an old professor. He lives far away from any city or road. The house of the professor is a big house, a huge house, almost a mansion. However, the children, and firstly Lucy, discovers a new land within a wardrobe in the house of the professor. It is within the wardrobe, in the land of Narnia, that most of the story takes place. Narnia is a cold land, covered in ice and snow.


Narnia has been bewitched. The land is doomed to an ever lasting winter and no Christmas! This is the work of the evil White Witch. She rules Narnia by an iron glove - harsh and viciously. Every tree, bush and animal is controlled by her. There is no happiness or joy, just fear and horror. The Pevensie children are brought to Narnia to save the land from eternal winter and the White Witch. The legend of Narnia says that when two sons of Adam and to daughters of Eve arrive Narnia, they will destroy all evil and become Kings and Queens of Narnia. To help the children fight the White Witch, Santa Claus is handing the children different weapons to use during the fight.


The main characters in the story are Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy. They are all brothers and sisters. Peter is the eldest. He seems to be the one who takes control over things and take wise decisions. Susan is the second born of the four children. She is kind and good. She seems to correct the others when they are mistaken. She also stops many of the arguments between Edmund and Peter. Then we have Edmund, the next youngest. He is more like a rebell. He is angry with his big brother Peter because he always ends up finding him self in the shadow of Peter. Edmund feels like no one cares about him. He is the one that betrays his siblings. Lucy is the youngest. She is the one who first discovers the land of Narnia. She has a good temper and is very stubborn. However, she is very kind and good. She is the youngest one, maybe with the best ability to see the fictious world of Narnia. Other important characters in the story are Tumnus, The Beavers, Aslan, Santa Claus and The White Witch.


Tumnus is a faun. The upper body is human like and the lover-part of the body is more goat like - his feet are like hoofs. Tumnus is the first creature Lucy meets when she enters Narnia. They become good friends. Tumnus is later kidnapped by the White Witch’s servants. Lucy and her siblings try to save him. When Lucy has managed to get her brothers and her sister in to Narnia, they meet the Beavers. They can talk and walk on their back feet. The Beavers invite them into their home where Lucy and the rest get to hear about the legend of Narnia. The Beavers are Mr. Beaver and Mrs. Beaver. Further, we have Aslan - the great lion. Aslan is a kind lion that can talk. He helps Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy in the fight against The White Witch. The White Witch took control over Narnia while Aslan was gone. She is evil and cold. The witch kills Aslan, but he arises again. Aslan sacrifices himself to save Edmund from death. Almost like Jesus and his resurrection. Santa Claus dose not play a very large role in the story, but he is important. He´s the one bringing the siblings the weapons, which can help them in the fight against the White Witch.


I believe that the story is very much like a fairy tale. The typical fight between the good and the bad is an important element. In addition, the writer makes the readers interested by making the story very supernatural. Animals can talk and are very human like. I think the book is suited for both children and adults. Lewis written about a fantasy world where we all can really feel like we are participating. This book can make every one go in to a dreamy and exciting land, provided a little bit of imagination.


The book is well known around the world, so one could say that the writer has written this book very successfully. My opinion on this book is that I liked it extremely well. When I read it I was enchanted. I just kept on reading and reading until I finished the book. The book was interesting because of the way the creatures were described; the way the story builds up as you read it and of course the big battle in the end.

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