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A different experience

Noen avsnitt om hvordan det er å se en UFO.

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:23.04.2007
Science Fiction
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It is a late evening. The weather is cold, and the dark night has closed around us. The tent is too small for 5 persons, but we had decided to camp in the woods anyway. But now, I regret it. When my best friend first came up with the idea, it sounded great. I really fancy being outside, and I love to hang around in the wood. I used to play here when I was a kid, and I know every path and every tree in this place. But still, it scares me much more than I ever will admit. The others are already asleep, but my thoughts keep me awake. I decide to go out for a while, just outside the tent, to get some fresh air.


I look around, and feel that someone is staring at me. I turn around, but I can’t see anything, only the darkness. I am afraid of the dark, I have always been. In a split second, the moonlight shines down. A split second, and then it’s gone. I freeze, a sound. “Who is it?” I wrell into the deep forest, and of course, there is no answer. The only sound is the echo of my own voice.


A flash of light intersects the sky. I fumble backwards, my back hits a tree. I whine in pain, but the sight above me makes me become silent. Bright lights in red and green are all over the sky. It feels like my heart is going to stop. I am not able to breath, and not at all able to move. I desperately want to scream, but my voice has totally disappeared. How can this happen? No natural phenomenon acts this way. It takes seconds, maybe a minute, before I realize what’s happening: I see an unidentified flying object, I see an UFO!!


My thoughts flee trough my mind. This just can’t be true! This just can’t be happening! This is no spaceship, northern light or any thing like that! But before I am able to think in any kind of normal way, the UFO disappears in a flash of light...


Nobody would believe me. Not even my best friends believed me. But I know what I saw, and what I saw was real!

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21.11.2011 21:23

veldig bra historie, kunne være lenger, men bra.

24.11.2011 09:40

ZrxYgamiing! SUBSCRIBE

08.03.2013 08:39

VillagerMovie on youtube! Subscribe ;D

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24.11.2016 21:35

i beleve you!! i saw a ufo with my friend!! it was a star flying in the air! and it dident go one way, it went bacwards and forwards and all kind of ways!! noone beleved in us

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