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Nancy Drew - "Very deadly yours"

Book analysis of a Nancy Drew book; “Very deadly yours”.

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There are over 400 Nancy Drew books and Carolyn Keene is just a pen name that was used by many different people/authors over the years. Carolyn Keene is the name who is in the book, but who are actually the real author of Nancy Drew… Will the real Carolyn Keene PLEASE stand up!!


The character of Nancy Drew was actually created by Edward Stratmeyer, but he never actually wrote any of them. It took about fifty years of investigation to get the truth behind Carolyn Keene. And finally they broke the secrete behind Carolyn Keene’s identity and they found out that it was Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson who authored the most of the books.


The Nancy Drew book; very deadly yours was first published in the USA in 1988. The book’s main theme is mystery but also love is a theme in the book. This book is about Nancy Drew and she is investigates criminal cases. Nancy is a very tough girl and she never lets her friends down. In this book she are helping here friend Bess who has got in to trouble.


Bass had answered a personal add in the River Heights news paper and she had planned to meet a man, but when she met him, things went wrong. The man she met was threatening her on the blind-date and Bess was therifyed and scared so therefore she told Nancy what was going on. In the book, Nancy ware trying to find out why the man were doing this to her friend.


After a while it seems to be more than a threat and it becomes very dangerous. As soon as she starts investigating, a hit-and-run driver seriously injures her boyfriend, Ned. Unless Nancy finds out who this is fast, she will be the next on his list.


In this book, the author describes the environment very well, which makes it even more exciting to read. The author is telling the story both chronologically and retrospectively.


I think may be the author wants to tell that we should be careful in meeting people we do not know. I do not think the book actually was a book which was written to make us think about this. It’s just a crime book. But still it is very realistic with regard to what could happen today.


I think this was a boring book. Not my kind of book at all. Still it was a little bit exciting some times. But just some times. Very confusing, I think, with all that dialogue between people. Now, I end up being negative, but actually I don’t care. I’m used to more modern books now.. I give the book a 4, may be 3…. Ok, I end up on 2. 1?

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