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Why I went away

Essay about Julia Barnes, a person that had to get away for a while.
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:10.07.2000
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"Odyssey to society, bribe to Anarchy"


(mindblowing fucking bullshit about nuffin at all! nah.. about a phuckin dope-kids trip and return.....)


I can’t possibly resist the temptation of giving society the blame for my disappearance. Fat, perverse, middle-aged men with their tons and tons of food and money die of overweight, flesh and weird diseases whilst poor all over our home planet fall to the ground by hunger and all kinds of diseases, long ago extinct from "our" part of earth.


I kneel in disgust.


Parents and relatives, friends, teachers, governments, I’m so terribly bored by all what they come up with. Problems like me influencing my inner self with matters of attidude, conserns them to maximum, whilst our Royal Emperors receive bribes and donations.


I kneel in disgust..


Imagine I, Julia Barnes, exhausted by mind and flesh. Exhausted by every soiled deed and human in this society of structure and reign. Or is Anarchy what we all stress after, a society in living with no laws, regulations, punishments or reprimades. Maybe it would be as heaven of purity, success and joy for every living being? Or did just Satan put Anarchy as a decent sign of his rotten hell. A hell with Birds of Prey surrounding, imprisoning, whoever and whatever we loved, impoverishing and pulverizing every beloved mind and object we ever had.


I kneel in disgust!


So, I had to create an escape from it all, away and away. I had to cleanse my mind, my soiled source of thoughts. Parents and relatives, friends, teachers, governments. Whoever affected by this: I can’t possibly say sorry nor apologize, but I may say I ment no harm nor evil by my deeds, although I did, hope you all still care for me whilst I return to the usual trot weekday, to the Kingdom of Paradise..


I kneel in disgust, waiting for the cold edge of decadence to fall....

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