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The Men in Black 3

MacGyver og Jackie Chan forener seg.
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:03.11.2006
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Long Long time ago in a city called Carmageddon. There are one town of the city that is the bad people’s town, and the other side of the city was the good people’s town. The good men have work as top-boss and good work, and the bad people had work as washing-help and hookers. But one day the bad people stormed the good peoples town, and it was a big fight, but the good people wins and the bad people have to go home.


One day there come a big man to the bad town, and his name was Jackie Chan he was a big fighter and the leader in the bad town had called him, to lead the group who shall take the good town. And one night they went over to the good town, to look what it’s like, but MacGyver was the fighter in the good town, and he had made some bombs, so a few people died. Jackie Chan was in the good town and MacGyver was in the bad town, they have to see what it’s like but when they went home they meet each other and there been a real fight. Jackie Chan had a blue hand after the fight and MacGyver was fine, MacGyver decided to make some cast off the day after, Jackie Chan had allot of people who would fight for the town, but MacGyver had allot of people who would fight for the town and allot of cast off, the day after there was a big fight, and the boss in the good town came over to the boss in the bad town to talk about the fight, and (Slash) the bad boss died MacGyver killed him with a knife, and the boss in the good town said to everyone that the town was no longer bad because the boss was dead. So the good and the earlier bad have to be friend.


MacGyver and Jackie Chan had been friends, so now they work together and help people whit thing they not are available to do. The town had a peaceful start, but the child use drugs and smoke pot the parents is mad on them, so lets say I hope that the next generation is better. MacGyver and Jackie Chan is never home they’re always out for travelling, The boss in Carmageddon is mad on the child, and the child is mad on the boss but the good always win, but if it’s not win so maybe Jackie Chan and MacGyver have to come back. But the story always ends well so that was the story about The Men In Black.

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