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Hawaii - The Aloha state

En faktaoppgave om Hawaii.

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I chose Hawaii, because it’s a discussed vacation place. It also has beautiful nature, and culture. The thing people usually connect with Hawaii is the “hula hula” skirts, or Pearl Harbor.


It lives 1million people in Hawaii; and a common sport in Hawaii is surfing. Every year they arrange competitions in surfing. Many of the local people attend in these. The capital city, witch also is the biggest city in Hawaii, is Honolulu. The highest point in Hawaii is Mauna Kea; witch is 4205 meters above sea level.


Hawaii is really a group of islands, consisting of eight big and over hundred smaller. All the smaller islands are originally the top of gigantic volcanic submarine- mountains. The active Vulcan’s is mainly on the biggest Island, Hawaii. The biggest tourist attraction is a glowing lava lake. This area, are now a national park.


Normally the group of islands is called “The Aloha State” Because “Aloha” Is used in many situations. You may say “Aloha” and mean: Good day, good bye, love, greeting, how are you, and many other things. They use “Aloha” weary often, of course!


The group of Island’s is (geographically) connected with Polynesia which involves amount groups of islands. The first people that did settle down on Hawaii were Polynesians.

When the first English Captain, James Cook came with his ship too Hawaii, as the first white mail in 1778, had the island group presumable 300 000 Polynesian citizens. This population had no resistance against foreign diseases that the white people did bring. After ca hundred years, the natives were strongly reduced, because of the illnesses. The decline of the population was in about 70 000 people.


On the Polynesian Cultural Center, they’ve recreated hundred years old villages. Here their showing everyday life and celebration as it once was.


Today there are few pure Hawaiians left. The most people that live there are: Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, or a mix of different minorities.


The island group was originally divided into four empires, with one leader/chief in each. It was the chief “Kamehameha” that united all the islands to one kingdom. Kamehameha was Hawaii’s first king. Every year in June, they celebrate Kamehameha, with parades, hula dancing, and shivering ball. In 1898 Hawaii became a separate state in the U.S. the fiftieth and last state.


The most important industry in Hawaii is farming, with specializing on pineapple and sugar. But they also have a marked for flowers and fish canned food. The tourism does also give considerable incomes. A new product “macadam nuts” witch has gradually became a important export article.


Many tourists are old retired people, witch has settled on Hawaii because of the warm and good climate.

Sources: USA og Canada. (Norwegian book)

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