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The Future (The Matrix and Star Wars)

Engelsk stil om fremtidsfilmene Matrix og Star Wars.
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The humans have always had dreams and visions about the future. Some people have even made movies about it.  ”The Matrix” and “Star Wars” are films that are about the future. The movies are very unrealistic and contain many special effects.


In the cinema’s early years, there were some movies about the future. Now, when we are in “the future”, we can see that actually some of the things we believed would come, has come. So maybe the flying cars and the laser pistols will be made in not very long.  


The movies are very action based. The characters are fighting and shooting at each other, and people are asking themselves if we really want the future to be like that? Many sciences are curious about other planets and galaxies. In the “Star Wars” movies, there are wars between the different galaxies. So, if we discover a new galaxy, and there are people or some other creatures that live there, what would we end up with? A war, just like in the “Star Wars”, or a really good friendship? No one knows, but should we really try to find out?


As you are watching the “Matrix” you get confronted with a contemporary world, a recognizable environment where everything seems to be in order (compared to our reality). The plot begins when the protagonist, Neo, realizes that we are all living inside a computer programme, living in a virtual world under complete dominance by machines.


In the start it is all very inconceivable, yet curiosity drives you into the action and stirs your mind more than ever. Still, beneath the philosophic foundation there is a bottom layer containing the everlasting battle between good and evil. For in the end, that is all what it’s about.


When a movie wields such mental power and can inflict emotions at a high level, it is easy to say that people generally should avoid those movies, especially sensitive children. They may have a point, though these films are by nature good-ending stories, where all the good people beat the evil in the end.


Supported by those arguments, I can nothing but recommend both the “Matrix” and “Star Wars” to everyone. They are fantastic stories combined with contemporary philosophy and morale, and a definitive must-see for all of us.


And in the end, what is actually so unrealistic about the stories and theories? Who knows really what the future beholds?

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