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London's calling

En brosjyre for et homopar som skal til London for første gang.
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Tema:Ferie og reiser
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We welcome you to London, a city of pleasure.

You can come and go at your leisure.


Dear Johan Rønneli and Ronny Winterbottom


We have prepared your unforgettable journey to the lovely city of London.


Here is our proposal to a flight plan:

Check your flight itinerary details


Flight number






Heathrow (London), United Kingdom



Heathrow (London), United Kingdom

Oslo, Norway


After you arrive at Heathrow, you can take the underground all the way to Caledonian road where you can walk 400 meters south, down Caledonian road where you will find your hotel, Journey’s Kings Cross. You can relax there your three nights for a grand total of 90£, or 1115 NOK. We hope you will find your accommodations suitable.


For your shopping needs, you can go to Oxford Street, where you can find almost everything from beef jerkey to mink coats to give to your family and friends in the up and coming Christmas.


If you wish to have access to the internet, you may gain cheap access at Orange internet café in Oxford Street.


We also recommend you to see the great attractions of London. The best way to see such places as Big Ben, House of Parliament, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace is to use the Tube, since the distances are hard to cover by foot.


Other places which are worth seeing are Madame Tussaud’s wax cabinet, Trafalgar Square and Royal Albert Hall, all of which are accessible by the use of the underground.


If you wish to see one of London’s famous musicals, you can find theatres mainly in the Soho area of London. Online reasonably prizes tickets can be found on this website: http://www.london.net/theater/


We know that young people like you like to enjoy the nightlife. We have therefore found several suiting clubs which are situated in and around the same area. These clubs have a target group that consists of homosexuals. In the times before Christmas, you surely will find theme nights where all need elf suits or similar gear. These kinds of clubs are much rarer in Norway, and we believe you will enjoy them.


Here is a list of clubs to visit:


The End, 18 West Central Street, WC1
Tel: +44 (0)20 7419 9199
Nearest Tube station: Tottenham Court Road
Roll up, roll up - come and see the sideshow! Yes, this funky night is a gallery of the weird and the wonderful (not to mention the completely wasted!). So drag your most flamboyant outfit out of the wardrobe and get down!
Thurs 10pm-4am.



4-5 Greek Street, W1
Tel: +44 (0)20 7434 3323
Nearest Tube station: Tottenham Court Road
There's a bit of sartorial magic sprinkled over this club - you'll feel like a member of the Ratpack as you rock up and order a shaken, not stirred. Theme nights and ace DJs provide the entertainment.
Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun from 10pm.



Astoria, 157 Charing Cross Road, W1
Tel: +44 (0)20 7434 9592
Nearest Tube station: Tottenham Court Road
Hard to miss, as it's right in the middle of central London, and has G-A-Y written in huge pink letters outside, the Astoria is a celebration of being OUT. Everyone from moustaches to kids come to dance themselves silly to the likes of Abba and Take That, and big-name fag faves appear onstage on a regular basis.
Mondays & Thurs - only £1 door charge with flyer and special drinks offers.
Fridays - Camp Attack, the ultimate party night.
Saturdays - big name entertainment, everyone from Kylie to Blue.



Falconberg Court, W1
Tel: +44 (0)20 7287 3726
Nearest Tube station: Tottenham Court Road
Anyone for a cruise? Part of the Popstarz group, Ghetto runs various theme nights, including a rock and metal night on Mondays, and the renowned Wig Out on Saturdays.

In addition, we will sponsor your entire trip if you find our agent in one of the listed clubs. He will be wearing leather under a long coat with exception of nude nights.


If you have any further questions, either give us a call at 7250-HOMO, or send in your questions on mail to Queerstions@whoisyourdaddy.com


We wish you a great stay in London and a safe journey home.


Sincerely yours,


Who Is Your Daddy inc.®

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