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Little girl

En jente som er lykkelig på utsiden, men ulykkelig innvendig.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:13.10.2006

A little girl

So beautiful and brave

She’s a good girl

Does what she’s told

She never let people see

What she feels inside

She laugh and smile

While inside she’s falling apart


At night she just sits and waits

For what she know is going to happen

She waits

She just sit and wait

For the yelling

The beating

The harsh words

She just wait


You can hear the desperate cries

You can hear the fear in this little girl’s voice

The helplessness

Just hoping

Hoping for someone

Or something to save her


As darkness falls

The crying fades


Fading as the light



Once again


But this time

This girl is forever silenced

Never again will her desperate cries be heard in the night

This time nothing saved her

This little girl is gone


Teksten er hentet fra Daria.no, www.daria.no