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Rocky 2

Referat og anmeldelse av den andre Rocky-filmen med Sylvester Stallone.
Sjanger:Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Lastet opp:06.09.2006

We have seen the film Rocky 2 where S. Stalone plays the main character Rocky Balboa.


The first time we meet the person is when he is in a fight against Apollo “The Champ”, who normally is superior to Rocky. But Rocky doesn’t give in, and wins the fight. Already from this point can we see that he has a though personality and do not like to loose. His vocabulary is also very poor. Words like “yeah”, “ok”, and “you know” is repeated often throughout the film, as a result of dropping out of school in 9th grade.


But the fight against Apollo was his last and he settles down, and marries Adrian. This is one of the turning points concerning the main character; he now gets a wife and later on a child to look after. This is good things in his life and he shows feelings for them in words an acts. His language also becomes softer, you don’t hear so much of the words I mentioned above. The problem now is getting a job without an education, and the fact that Apollo demands a re mach doesn’t help. As the problems get bigger Rocky becomes depressed, and wants to fight, but his passion for the family keeps him from saying yes.


It is only after a long period he finally accepts the fight, after approval from Adrian. I feel that from this point he becomes tougher again, as he prepares for the mach. In the end I think the person is the same as we met in the beginning. He starts out tough, then becomes sensitive and loving, for so only to bee tough again.


After seeing the film I think that the character Rocky is a typical Hollywood clise. As in most films like this, Stalone plays the tough/soft man, without education and have grown up in a tough neighborhood. But of course it all ends good.

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29.01.2008 14:27

ehh rocky vant ikke den første kampen i film nummer 1

anonym 32
29.01.2008 14:28

rocky vant ikke den første kampen med apollo  Confused :-\?

21.07.2009 18:09


25.01.2015 02:00

Ein Kaninchen.

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