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Your pain is heartless

Eit dikt om korleis seksuelt misbruk kan øydeleggje liv.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:28.08.2006
Tema:Voldtekt og incest

Your pain is heartless,

Your toughts have turned to sorrow and darkness.

Your problems have taken control,

And you wonder –is it worth it all?


Long you talked to nothing but yourself,

You hid deep down in a shelf.

You faded away,

Without anyone to know if you where okey.


The conclusion you made was –I brought myself this anbult,

But you where just an helpless kid, whos trust was in the hands of an adult.

You tought all he did was right,

And didn`t know how to fight.


You are harmed for life,

But please, the solution is not a knife.

All the cutting, and all the bleeding,

It’s not stopping your dark feeling.


Reseve the help you are given,

Wait by going to Heaven!

At least for a while,

Untill your long from beeing just a child.


If something shuld happen with the knife,

If you had taken your own life.

I wouldn`t bear to live,

I would never let myself forgive.

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