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Why pigs can't fly

Visste du at griser en gang i tiden hadde vinger? En kreativ historie om hvordan grisene mistet evnen til å fly.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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When the pig was first created, it was made with wings, so that it could fly. Each wing was about 1 metre, and it had wings on each side of it’s body. The pigs loved to fly, and did it all the time, even though it wasn’t necessary. They would live up in the trees, just so that they had to fly to get anywhere. In the trees, they would make nests, like they had learned from the birds. Of course, the pigs made their nest a lot bigger.


The pigs thought this was a good life. Except one pig, Rob, who got airsick. He hated that the nests were so high up in the air, because he got sick whenever he flew. He was always teased by the other young pigs, because he rarely flied. They would laugh at him, and spin around in the air, as they knew that it would make him sick. He hated that too. He actually hated most things that involved flying, throwing up, to be made fun of and food. Yes, he hated food. Why? You might ask. Well, I’m not sure, and I don’t think anyone knows but him. Anyway, the real story begins now:


One day, Rob sat in his nest, looking out upon the world. It was morning, and the sun had barely risen. The pigs had not bothered to wake up yet, it was far too early for their taste. Rob liked being up this early, it meant that he could be alone without anyone bothering him. He suddenly saw something that he had never seen before, a fox crept out of it’s home. Rob wondered if the fox actually lived down there, and if it was possible to survive on the ground. Well, at least it looked like the fox was okay. Rob’s mind started to race. Would it be possible for him to live down there too? He had long considered this, but had never seen a sign that someone actually lived down there. Now he knew that it was possible.


Years went by, and Rob grew up, he was now a fully grown pig. He had never stopped thinking about living down on the ground, but never had the courage to actually do it. But now there was a rumour of horrible creatures heading towards the pigs homes. You’ve probably never heard of these horrid creatures, since they were wiped out a long time ago. So therefore there is no need to speak their name as it brings bad luck. Back then, these creatures were feared above all, and wherever they went they left a trail of destruction.


Everyone knew that what these creatures wanted the most was to have wings, and be able to fly. Rob knew that this would be the ideal time to move, as the creatures may not find him if he lived far away from the clan. So he found himself an empty cave. No one could find him there, he thought. The other pigs refused to leave their homes, even though they knew it would be the wisest thing to do.


The days went by, and while Ron learned to live on the ground, the other pigs feared for their lives. Still, they refused to move. They said that that would be “below their standards” to live on the ground. Nothing happened.


A few more weeks went by, and the pigs were now starting to live their normal lives again. Pigs died, other pigs were born. And peace was restored to the clan again.


Of course, it was then it happened. They came at night, while all the pigs were asleep. They climbed up in the trees, and ripped the wings off the pigs while they squirmed and squealed. The next day, pigs were lying everywhere on the ground, sobbing for the loss of their wings and their ability to fly. Rob was the only one left with wings, and they all begged him to have them, since he never used them anyway. But Rob just laughed at them and said that there were not enough wings for everyone. They tried to convince him a bit more, but they didn’t get anywhere. So they all went disappointed away, and knew that they would never fly again.


Rob went back to his lair, and continued to live his own life. He never used the wings again, so after a while, they just fell off. And that.. Is why pigs can’t fly.

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