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The V-files

X-Files lignende stil.
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:17.06.2000
Tema:Science Fiction

The night was cold and silent. There was only a few clouds going back and forward on the sky. Lake Park in Minnesota was quiet, as usual at this time of the day. Some people was going in the moonlight they were in love, and some ducks were swimming around in the lake. None of them saw the light that was getting closer and closer.


At the same time in Minnesota Military Camp, corporal Bill Watson was on radar duty. He was check that every aircraft that entered Minnesota airspace was ok . Right now he was keeping an eye on a little private plane, that was flying around the area of Lake Park. Then Watson calls: "Plane 667, plane 667 over Lake Park, Identify yourself. The speaker crackled. The men in the plain answered: "This is 667, AE500. I’m just cruising." Watson smiled: "Cruise on 667, and have a pleasant time." In that very moment, a second aircraft appeared on the radar, and it was heading straight for the first plane. Then Watson calls: "Aircraft 668, over Lake Park: Identify yourself." No one answered. He tries to get contact again: "Aircraft 668, over Lake Park: Identify yourself." Still no answer. Then he screams: "667, 667 AE500!!! Get your butt out of there. An unidentified aircraft is heading straight for you, with a speed of 750km/h." They Answer: "Mayday, mayday. This is AE500. Something is coming this way, and it’s coming real fast. Mayday…holy shi………" The speaker went dead. Watson saw the two flashing dots on the screen disappear.


One week later.


Army reporter Dean Mason is examining the place of the happening. With him, he has a tape recorder. Now he is speaking in to the recorder: "Case update 01. Remains after the plane were found 2 km from the lake. Not a single person has been found. No one knows what the second aircraft was, or where it crashed. Now, there are only three witnesses to this "UFO". Mason out."


The first two witnesses is a couple. They were walking around Lake Park the night it happened. When Mason arrives at 31 Marionette Street, he smiles. There is nothing like an old kind of house. The house is more like a hut. Only one floor high. With Red and white frames around the windows. He knocks at the door. A man who looks like he is in his late years, opens up. Mason is gets in a little livingroom. The man’s name is Henry Jenkins. His wife Anita, is also present. Mason just says: "Let’s cut right to the case." Mason isn’t much of a talker. Then he asks: "What did you see on Friday night, last week?" Henry Began: "Well, my wife Anita and I, were having a little trip in the moonlight. We do that some times. Then there, we hear these noises, I must say I got pretty scared, and when we look up, we can see this cigar shaped aircraft flying over the lake. It had lots of lights and mirrors over the entire ship. Well, much more than that we didn’t see, because we got away from there as fast as possible. "The Jenkins couldn’t tell more than that. Mason thanked them for their time, and set off to the next witness.


Just by looking at him, he looked like a hippie. Long, red hair, and a awful clothing. Purple sunglasses and beard stubs all over the face. "Hey you! Are you here to ask me about that UFO?" Mason nodded and said: "May I come in? "He answered: "Ok. I’m glad someone finally wanted to ask me about it." It sounded like he was in a rush when he said this "Ok, let’s start."


Mason sat down in an orange chair. Brett Coleman that was the mans name started telling: "Last Friday night I was outside the forest that is round the lake. I saw a small private plane flying around the other side of the forest. And all of a sudden I saw this huge cigar shaped UFO, with lots of lights, coming in from west with incredible speed. But it didn’t make any sound at all, except from this "swisj" when it flew over me. Two seconds later, there was this huge explosion. It was the little plane. It fell down on the other side of the forest. Man, was I scared. then, there is this really bright light in front of me, in the forest. That’s all I could see before I ran away like a chicken. It was aliens! I’ll bet that the aliens landed that ship in the forest." Mason was thinking. Finally a lead. If the UFO really did land in the forest, there had to be some sort of a mark or something. He got the directions from Coleman, and set course for Lake Park.


After one hour of searching, he finally found something; four holes in the ground. It was at least 20 metres between them. They were only a couple of inches deep, and 20 cm in diameter. Mason started looking around the whole area, surrounding the holes. And quite right; about 50 metres away, four new holes appeared. Then Mason noticed a hand, sticking out from under some bushes. It was the corpse of the pilot from the private plane. Apparently he had been tossed out of the plane in the air. Mason kept searching. He found another set of holes. It seemed as if there were holes all the way over to the lake. Maybe there was something in there. Dean Mason is not a man of patience. He drove back to the military camp, and picked up some diving equipment.


He got back to the lake, and jumped into the cold, blue water. It was freezing, but he didn’t notice. He was on a track. A light. A small light! Far away, down there. The closer he got, the bigger and brighter the light grew. It was the UFO. Mason felt his heart pumping. He must have been at a 100 metres depth, when he finally reached the UFO. It was about 50-60 metres long. Mason was heading towards what he meant to be the cockpit. He could see a glass window. His heart was beating faster than ever as he looked inside. It sat there, staring at him with big, shining, black eyes. It was an alien!!! Mason’s heart stopped beating, he was so excited. Then all of a sudden, a hatch opened up beside him. Without thinking, he floated inside. Then Mason lost his consciousness. The UFO started bumping. It was floating to the surface. It flew up in the air, and into the night.


No one has ever heard from Dean Mason since.


Dean wakes up. He is strapped to a white table, and he can’t move. All he can see is a drill, coming down towards him. Then pain. Horrible pain. He screams, but for no use. In space, no one can hear you scream.

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