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A jew who met the one

En bestemor som forteller om da hun ble reddet av "the one" i midten av andre verdenskrig.
Sjanger:NovelleLastet opp:28.05.2006
Tema:Konsentrasjonsleire og jøder i 2.verdenskrig
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“I entered my grandmother’s house. One month had gone since my grandfather’s funeral. My grandmother was sitting in a chair, looking out of the window. A tear ran down her cheek.

She looked at me and said:

“I miss him so much. He was always the love of my life.

It all started a day in June 1943…”


“She started to tell, and it all went quiet, except her calm voice.”


“It was going to be a wonderful day, I just didn’t know yet.

Far from home I was walking in the streets trying to get some food for my family. We were poor, and had to hide for the Nazis. As you know, I am Jewish, and during the Second World War, Jews were in great danger. You might have read that all the Jews in Norway were taken away by the secret police in 1942.

My family was supposed to be taken as well, but we got away, which I’m very grateful for.


The weather that day was terrible. It was raining cats and dogs, very close to a storm.

I could actually hear the wind howling, or that was at least what I thought I’d heard.”


She took a deep breath, which felt like ages. Her story was so thrilling.

 “What happened next, I asked her quickly, eager to hear the rest of the story. What was the sound?”


“It wasn’t a harmless howl from a strong storm, no it was the planes. The planes which belonged to the Germans, the Nazis.

 Normally, we just hid in the cellar, where we were safe from the bombs, but today, I had no place to hide.


In on minute I could feel my body, and in the next I couldn’t. It was like my soul had disappeared into the clouds, hiding. I was as afraid as I had never been in my life.

And the worst thing was; I had no place to go.

In a moment of panic, I started running; I ran from the sound, I sprinted for my life. Tried to find a peaceful place, but it was impossible. No place to hide, only street lamps, and some cars in the roadside. Where to go? I had no idea.


Then from nowhere, I heard this wonderful voice, the voice of an angel.”


“Who was it? I mumbled, more to myself than to her.”

“It was the love of my life.”

“Grandfather, wow, what did he do?”


“He actually saved my life”

Her tear had finished its trip down her cheek, and was replaced by another.

“In that moment, it was like the sun came, and hunted the bad weather away, and the dreadful feelings I’d had a couple of minutes ago.

It was love at once; I could feel it deep in my heart. He was the one, I just knew that.

After a second, where we just stayed, looking at one another, he grabbed my arm, and led me into his house, and down to the cellar.

Now I was safe, safer than ever, because I had an angel to protect me.”


“That’s just so romantic.” I nearly started crying myself. It was such a wonderful story. It was like a fairy-tale, where my grandmother was the princess, and my grandfather the hero.

Except, this was the truth.


“After a moment in silence, he spoke for the first time”

“Hallo my dear. I could see you were in danger, and I couldn’t let anything hurt you, my beautiful stranger.

You look to me like a rose, gorgeous as the petals, but still not an easy victim because of your thorns.”

“He spoke as a gentleman, and looked like a man with no other competitors in a beauty competition.

His hair was blond as the brightest star, and his eyes as shining opals.”


“Have you ever felt love that real?” She suddenly asked me.

“No,” I answered, full of surprise. I wasn’t prepare of such a question.

“I haven’t.”

“Then you shall look forward to that day, it’ll be the most incredible day in your life.

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13.10.2006 18:01

den fikk jeg 6-på Smile :-\) god helg

13.09.2006 15:16

Den var bra Smile :-\) Hva fikk du på den?

me t o you
28.11.2006 18:19

kjempe bra. i can`t discraibe who good that was

06.05.2012 13:51

Denne var sinnsykt bra og levende! Måten du skriver på er bare helt utrolig! Fortsett med det gode arbeidet!

16.05.2012 14:56

Wow, denne her var utrolig fin og bra! jeg begynte faktisk nesten å gråte!  Surprised :-o

17.05.2012 00:14

Denne var fantastisk! Du skriver kjempebra! Det var en veldig rørende novelle.

20.09.2018 12:43

lol den sugde

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