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The Global Classroom

Engelsktentamen om internasjonal studentutveksling.

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In this article I’m going to discuss how international student exchanges can contribute to a more just and peaceful world.


International education programs gives the word “learning” a whole new meaning. It has become more common for youth to take a year or semester program in another country. There are a great number of international companies which specialize in making good and proper education programs for the younger population of the world


Exchange students learns a new language. They practically live with it. They speak it every day, and listen to it all the time. Through television, radio, family, friends, associates, school and teachers, learning a new language becomes much easier.


Therefore, exchange students easier learn about new cultures, and they get a glimpse of their host families’ weekday. They experience the fact that we all have our own traditions and rules, and we set our own limits. As a consequence of this discover, they start to respect every human being, no matter what religion you belong to, what sex you are, how you look and how you behave. They get a better attitude to people.


But the question is; “Does it make the world a better place to like?” Yes, I think so. These kids learn to respect each other. They easily adjust themselves to new conditions, and when they grow up, they may get a good education and later on, a good job.


When these people get kids, they can teach their kids to have the same attitude to other people, as themselves.


When the exchange students return to their home country, they can teach other people what they have experienced during their stay in another country.


If you compose all the factors I have mentioned, you get a very good combination. So, my conclusion is that every student should consider the possibility of getting an education in a foreign country. It’s an investment in your future.

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