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Maria"s letter

Marias brev til foreldrene som fikk en tragisk skjebne.
Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:06.03.2006
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Dear Mom and Dad.


I almoust can’t believe what I’ve been told and what I’ve seen.


Mom, remember when I was your little girl, and you sat beside me, telling me that I was the prettiest girl in this world? You also said “I love you”, and I loved you too mom.

What about all those times we went out for a swim. Once I nearly drowned, but you saved me. You hold me and saved my life.

Do you remember the time we went on bikes, we got far away. I got lost, but you found me and took me home again.


I’m so sorry mom. I never told you how much I love you often enough. Mom, I can’t save youfrom death. Can’t save you mom. Mom, I can’t take you back home, I can’t find you anywhere.


Dad, remember when you took me out fishing? We could sit there for hours and say nothing, but know that we were a great team.

Do you remember the time when I accidently fell out in the water, and you just laughed at me? When I got up I was pissed, but I remember you holding on tight to me, squeezed me ‘till you.


Dad I am so sad, because now I have to find a new teammate. You can’t laugh of me anymore, and you can’t laugh with me, I never got to give you a real hug.


The vacation down in Thailand changed my life forever, and it probably changed yours, cause it made your life end, too early, too painfull.

You must know that I love you both so, and I can’t imagine living no more without you, but I know I have to try. I guess that’s what you would want me to do if you where here.


I really loved you both. Even though I didn’t say it too much I did. If you were here today...

I just wish that you could be here today!



Mom and Dad....

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