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"Falketårnet" av Erik Fosnes Hansen

En liten bokanmeldelse om boka "Falketårnet" av Erik Fosnes Hansen.
Sjanger:Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Lastet opp:05.03.2006
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This book is a little hard to read, it’s written in old Norwegian with some words that are hard to understand. But the writer has written a very nice book. It’s interesting and hard to put away. After you have finished it, the book stays in you head several hours or more.


The book is about a little boy named Wolfgang. He is the son of knight, and the heir to the throne of the castle Falkenburg. Wolfgang stayed at Falkenburg when hid father went on crusade. But the boy is only thirteen years old, and not ready to rule at Falkenburg. So, the power sick uncle, Sir Fredrik, rules until the boy becomes fourteen. But the uncle doesn’t want Wolfgang to rule, he wants to rule all by his own. He wants Wolfgang dead! But he also loves this boy! He wants desires him!


The book is very well written, sometimes you become a little confused, but you understand it later on. The book is also a little bit sad, but I don’t want to say why.


Wolfgang is just like a bird. He can talk with birds, and his only friends are birds, falcons. The only thing the boy loves, and feels well with, is to be with his four falcons, especially when they hunt. The hunter Bernhard and Wolfgang hunt together with the falcons.


Erik Fosnes Hansen wrote this book when he was at college. Later, he published it. It became a great success! It was said he was the new Norwegian genius writer.


One day Wolfgang is very restless, he and the hunter Bernhard went out to hunt with the falcons. None of them got anything, and they decided to split up. Wolfgang went into someone, but did not stop to talk to anyone. He rode on. Then, he met a girl, who was just like a white pigeon. Wolfgang just watched her before she saw him and started to talk. Her name was Suzanne. Wolfgang noticed that she also could speak with birds, and started to talk with her, like a bird. They became close friends.


The book is a bit odd, and you have to understand what the writer wants to tell you. You have to go into the book, and imagine that you are the boy. Then the book is so beautiful!


Wolfgang never goes out of the castle, if it’s not for hunting. The people in the village think of him as a crazy boy. He just talks with his falcons. But suddenly the boy starts getting visits from Suzanne, the executioner’s daughter. The gossips fly over the whole village! That the boy and he daughter of the executioner worships the devil! And Wolfgang’s uncle, Sir Fredrik, gets a priest to stop this devilish behaviour. And Wolfgang must stand a lost of torture.


I enjoyed this book because I felt that I took part in the book. I felt as I was the boy, Wolfgang! And I cried when he was tortures. I would say that everyone that is fond of a somewhat unusual book should read this one. It’s fabulous, unique, sad, exciting, and very unusual. People under 13 wouldn’t like this book, they wouldn’t understand it, I think. But I absolutely want everyone that likes to read, to read it.

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