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One night

En liten fortelling på engelsk som handler om aliens.
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:17.02.2006

One night for some days ago, I was on my night trip. I usually go on theese trips every night, where I will take a walk through the woods.


This night was clear and you could see the moonlight, it was really beautiful. After a while I stopped for a little break, and I looked up at the sky. Then I saw some bright lights all over. At first I thought it was some planes, but I soon realized that no plane could move that fast. Then I saw a space ship or a UFO come out of the light, and it landed in front of me. The UFO was big, and it looked like a flying saucer with many windows and doors.


One of the doors opened, and out came 5 green men… They were very scary. I wanted to run, and hide behind some trees, but my feet were stuck to the ground. I just stood there as I was frozen. I couldn’t move!


The aliens looked me in the eyes, and they told me something. I didn’t understand everything, but it was something about that the end was near.


After that I don’t remember anything, the next day I woke up under a tree in the wood…


And that’s exactly what happened that night, and that’s why I believe in aliens now… But do you believe in them??

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