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Janis Joplin

Litt om Janis Joplin.
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Janis Lyn Joplin was born January the 19th, 1943 in a small town called Port Arthur in Texas. She grew up with music all around her, and when she started at high-school she began performing at local bars and diners. As a southern girl, Janis was mostly used to country music. When Janis became a teenager she started caring about politics.


Around that period, there was a lot of racism in America. Janis cared for the afro Americans rights, and began to play blues. It did not take long to see that Janis was an incredible blues-singer. When she started at college, was the time when she really started to take politics seriously.


As a collegestudent, a hippie and an amateur-musician, she went to an audition. This was an audition to sing for a band named “Big Brother and the Holding Company”. Janis got the job as the vocalist and started touring with the band, all over the east-coast. It took about a year before the band made real success. Songs like “Piece of my heart” and “Summertime” were number one songs all over the world, and are still popular songs.



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But there was no happy ending for the band. All the band members including Janis started to take heroin and the band was over in 1968. A short time after, Janis quit drugs and started a second band, which also created very popular music. When Janis had found her third band, she got addicted to heroin again, and October the 4th, she died of an overdose.


Before Janis died, she was working on a CD called “pearl”. This CD came out right after her death, and sold triple platinum. “Pearl” contained the huge hit “Mercedes Benz”.


Janis Joplin died over thirty years ago. And she is still an idol! A roll model. Now at least my opinion is that Janis is a real royal! The queen of blues-soul-jazz and rock’n roll!

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