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Hot dogs and hot cats

Om folks motsetninger når det gjelder hva man spiser.
Sjanger:EssayLastet opp:25.01.2006
Tema:Mat og drikke
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In our family we eat. We eat fruit, meat, vegetables and so on. What I like to eat the best is dog- And cat-meat! It taste so good! just like chicken you know! You people that live in Norway don’t like that kind of food do you?


I think that’s weird, because in my land, China; We eat lots of it! Your land is so damn rich you use good meat to cuddle with! Spoiled food I say! I feel so sorry for you animal lovers that think cats and dogs are made for pets, and writing an article about how cute they are and that they shouldn't be eaten.


Cats and dogs for eating are hard to get here in Norway. But if someone is giving away puppets or kitties we gladly take them - for eating that is. You cant buy a dog in parts here in Norway, so when we have dog for dinner we usually put what we don’t eat in the freezer.


I think horses taste good too, to be honest. But they are a bit more acceptable to eat here in Norway. This was the points of view from Chi'jun, a man from China.


Now I’d like to say what I mean; In the Norwegian tradition we eat some animals, some we don’t eat. This may be because of what the animals are used for:

A horse is used for transportation and work. A dog is used for transportation. This is not necessary anymore, cause we live in a modern society with cars and other machines to do the work animals did before. We eat pigs, the Muslims don’t. Their tradition comes from rules in their religion, these rules may have been created because pigs often carried sickness, or even epidemics. Many Muslims would rather die than eat pig-meat. That's because they believe the rule comes from their god; Allah. If they eat the meat they wouldn't come to heaven.


I think this is kind of a scare-propaganda, to prevent the people from getting sick. So what we like to eat is related to religion and culture. But if we were really poor and really hungry, I think we could eat anything. Because in the end, the urge to survive is stronger than any conventions or romantic animal images.

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