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Titanic - The life of Dorothy Gibson

En forholdsvid kort tekst om Dorothy Gibson - skuespiller og overlevende fra Titanic-ulykken.

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Dorothy Gibson, born in 1884, was one of the survivors from the tragedy of the Titanic.

Adventures as she was she decided to travel with the Titanic. She was travelling in first class with her mother, returning on the Titanic from a vacation in Europe. When the Titanic hit an icebree, both she and her mother was quickly showed to a lifeboat and rescued.


The days after the Titanic tragedy, people seemed to have a hunger for anything to do with it. Therefor Dorothy Gibson came up with a brilliant idea about


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making a film on what really happened. The film that was called “Saved from the Titanic”, and was released only a month after the ship sunk. It was a highly original film, since Dorothy her self had experienced the tragedy and she did a brilliant job, acting her self. The short film was a huge hit for it’s time, and it made Dorothy a huge celebrity.


Not long after the release of the “Saved from the Titanic” she got tired of all the attention and gave up her film career and started singing at the opera, which was a brief as her film worked.


In May 1913 an affair between Dorothy Gibson and Jules Brulatour was exposed in the press, when they both were involved in a high-profile court case were Dorothy Gibson had struck and killed a man while driving Brulatour's car. As the court had not enough evidences, the case ended unclear. After the case was closed, Brulatour divorced his wife and married Dorothy, but the couple seperated only two years later, in 1919.


By 1928, Dorothy Gibson had settled in France with her mother, where she became involved in Fascist politics and intelligence work. She switched her allegiance during World war II and was arrested by the Gestapo in Italy as a resistance agitator. She was sat in prison in San Vittore in Milan, but she escaped in 1944.


Only two years later, on 17th of February 1946, she died of a heart failure in her suite at the Ritz Hotel, where she had been hiding.


In all, she played and directed more than 20 movies and several theatre plays. Here from the second most popular film she made; The Easter Bonnet”.



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