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My friend

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Sjanger:EssayLastet opp:24.11.2005

My friend is beautiful. He always listens. And he understands.


A friend is a person you can trust and a person you laugh with. Some of the most important things in a friendship are honestly, trust and laughter. I would say.

A friend is a person that can look at you and tell if there is something wrong. I have friends like that. But I also have friends that lie and talk shit. I donít like when people lie to me. But still I trust them and care of them. Maybe Iím naive, I donít know.


I have a special friend. A friend I can trust and really talk with. I love my friend.


The first time a friend lies to you something changes. Itís much harder to trust persons and you realize that not everyone is like you thought. I have had a lot of fights with my friends and some of my friends have lied to me. The fights have made me stronger and the same with the lies. I have learned that honestly last longest and I really get to know people before I trust them.


My friend doesnít lie. My friend always tells me the truth. My friend is honest.


You need friends for everything. I think. You need friends at school, sport events, parties, spare time and more. It wouldnít be fun going to the cinema alone, but when you got a friend it can be the funniest thing in the world. What Iím saying is; a friend is something everyone need. And I would say itís better to have a few good friends, then a bunch of fake friends.


My friend always smiles. My friend laughs of all my bad jokes. My friend is fun.


The first time you lose a friend, you realize something. Not everything lasts forever. Not every friend you have will be there forever. Then you get sad. Why? Why canít friends be forever? Well, people change and grow up. Maybe you lose contact with some of your friends, and as time goes by you grow from each other.


I will never lose my friend. I know. My friend will always be there. Always.


Enough talk about the bad things. I got friends that are just great. They are always there, they can always talk and they always understand. There you have my best friends. Probably the persons I canít live without. I really love and care for them. My best friends are the people that are most like me but one the same time most unlike me. Confusing, but they really are. Iím mostly agree with them in big cases, but we all like to argue.


My friend is great. My friend is charming. My friend makes me smile. Anytime.


Even though I love spending time with my friends, I often like being with my family or just alone. But I got one friend that always understands. I can tell here that Iíd just liked to be alone and she well smile and say okay. I really love that about here, and I really love my best friend. Ida.


My friend is amazing. He is wonderful. But then I realize that my friend is an imaginationÖ

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