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Drugs - No way!

En artikkel om narkotika og ungdom.

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Many teenagers today think drugs, smoking and alcohol are cool and exiting. Teenagers ask themselves; “why shouldn’t I do it?” This is a subject I have very strong opinions about. That’s why I’m going to tell you about the consequences of taking drugs and how not to be tempted to try them.  


Taking drugs is a temporary and dangerous way to avoid dealing with the bad things going on in your life. Many people take drugs to escape the problems they face every day. The drugs affect their brain in ways that help people to forget the things that is bothering them. However, this escape from reality only lasts a very short time, and soon they are faced with the same problems as before. Even worse, the damage drugs did to their brain while they were using them, can very often last forever. It is a type of double-edged sword because not only have you done nothing to solve the original problem you were seeking relief from, but you have now also created another problem: the permanent damage to your brain and the potential for addiction.


I do not exactly think that teenagers that experiments with drugs, are aware of the consequences. I believe one reason that some kids start taking drugs, is because of peer pressure and a lack of self- confidence. They think all their friends are taking drugs, and they want to fit in with their peers. Many kids are not strong enough to say “NO!” to something they know is wrong. Another reason I think some kids might take drugs is because the media gives the impression that it is hip and cool. Even though there are anti- drug campaigns on every TV- channel, and more rock stars and ball players than you ever can count, telling you to stay away from drugs, you know that the truth is that the entertainment world still manages to make drugs appear very attractive. Overly thin models used in advertisements is just one example of how today’s media encourages people to be really skinny, even though they say anorexia is bad. Another example is when the media says that steroids are bad, and then on the other hand extremely muscular bodies are used in all sorts of advertisements. It takes a confident and smart person to understand that the entertainment world is not the real world, and basing your life on these messages is superficial and dangerous.


Some drugs that are available to teenagers today are so strong that they may be addictive or even deadly the very first time they are used. The belief that only taking drug once, is not a big deal, is a very dangerous logic.  My advice to young people today is to believe in their selves and just say NO! Drugs kill!

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