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Hocus Pocus

Anmeldelse av filmen "Hocus Pocus" fra 1993.
Sjanger:Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Lastet opp:18.11.2005
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 Original tittel: Hocus Pocus

 Genre: Family, mystery

 Country: USA

 Year: 1993

 Lenght: 93 minutes

 Director: Kenny Ortega



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One of the best known directors in the movie business have done it again. The director Kenny Ortega has created this most magnificant film about one of the most known subject in the world “ witches”. This is the kind of story that we have all been waiting for.


The beginning of the story is played in the 16th century, and finds place in Salem. The story begins when three bisarre witches Winifred, Sarah and Mary Sanderson spellbind a little girl, and brings her into the dark forest where they live. This little girls brother sees her going in to the forest and runs after her, but he came to late. The witches poissened the girl so they could suck the live out of her and get eternal life and yought.


The witches discovered the boy and cast a spell on him that made him a cat, and he would live forever with his guilt. The witches are caught minutes after and the village people hangs them, but the they never said what they had done to the boy.


On Halloween 300 hundred years later a boy named Max , his sister Danny and Max`s classmate Allison, goes back to the house were the witches lived, and lights the BlackFlame candle, that brings the witches back from the dead and to the 19th century. The city and the civilisation had changed a bit in 300 years and that in it self is a challenge for the three witches.


The BlackFlame candle only brought them back for this one Halloween night, and unless they can steal the lives of children, when the sun comes up their dust.


The Witches have a spell book that they need to make the potion for the children, but Max and the others manages to steal the book from the witches, and stop them from making the potion. Max and the others gets a lot of help from  Thackary Binx ( the boy who the witches cast a spell on 300 years ago ) and they do everything they can to stop the witches, but they always seemed to come back.


So how has Kenny Ortega solved the task this time? My first thaught after one and a half amazing hours, was “ perfect”. I could not find anything to put my finger on. From the first scene there is something that captures you ,and there is something about this film  that you don`t find in other films. This is simply a masterpiece. The best film in this category!


The actors and the characters are a chapter for themselves. Omri Katz who plays Max is a very gifted actor and sets the right impression to his character, and offcourse his sister Danny (Thora Birch) and classmate Allison (Amanda Shepherd) are great actors to and makes the right impression on their Characters. But the one who makes the most impressive prestige in this film is Bette Midler, who plays Winifred Sanderson. Her way of handling different roles, and expressions is fantastic. She really manages to live up to the role that she plays in this film, and I don`t think anyone else could replaise her.


Her sisters Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary (Kathy Najimy) does an excellent part on their characters, as two dum and brainless sisters, who are followers to Winifred. I myself found the sisters to be the highlight of the film, and extremely funny.


The history of Witches has been a subject that everyone has known of for hundreds of years, and I have always thought that this is an exciting subject, and I think it`s great that Kenny Ortega has taken the challenge to make this subject into a film, and I`m sure I`m not the only one.


This is a film that fits for the whole family, and I promise you, it will be a film to remember.

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30.01.2009 16:29

Right on! Although, the film was made in 1993 it still serves the purpose of "one of those movies"--movies that you'll never forget and can watch over and over again. My first memory of watching the movie was renting it when it came on VHS--I was deathly afraid of the movie because it was spooky; fully of witches and spells. Then years down the road I watched the movie again. Except for this time it was a different experience, I started to obsess over the movie, watching over and over again and memorizing all of the lines, I even taped recored the songs from a tape recorder so I hear the songs without watching the movie! Finally, after growing up and realizing that it was strange being completely obsessing over a 1993 Disney movie with Bette Midler, I stopped watching the film and now see it on the Disney channel every now and then (a lot of times during the Halloween season).

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