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"Pet Sematary" by Stephen King

Anmeldelse av boka "Pet Sematary" ("De levende døde" på norsk) av Stephen King.

Sjanger:Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Lastet opp:13.10.2005
Tema:Pet Sematary
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Author: Stephen King

Original title: Pet Sematary

Norwegian title: De levende døde

Published in Norway: 1986
Pages: 242


The Author:

Stephen King is an American, and lives with his family in Main. His first book got published in 1974. He didn’t get world famous of it, until his book The Shining got released. Almost all of his books have been written into movies. King has written over 40 novels.  

The Story:

When Doctor Louis Creed, and his family moves to a little place near an old Pet Sematary, their lives gets turned in to a true nightmare. For most families, moving is a new beginning. But for the Creeds, it could be the beginning of the end.


For many generations, kids have buried their dead pets in the cemetery. Cats, dogs, fish and guinea pigs are some of the pets which have been buried there.


If you go a little bit further in to the woods behind the cemetery, you’ll find the ancient and sacred graveyard of the Mic-Mac Indians.


On daily basis, the place is quite OK, and doesn’t harm anything.


When it’s dark though, there are horrible changes. People clam to have witness a sack of old wood, get turned into a sack of knuckles. You can here the wind talk in the threes, but people who “know” the place, says it’s the dead who talk. It seems that at night, the place gets waked up or something.

If you bury a pet at the graveyard instead of the Pet Sematary, the animal awakens from the dead, and becomes part of the living dead. It seems the graveyard of the Mic-Mac Indians is being controlled by evil forces, and does things their way. But…
What happens if you bury a human at the graveyard?


The main character:

The main character in the book is Louis Creed. He’s a doctor and he takes care of everyone who is ill or what so ever. He is a kind of scared person, a little bit afraid of everything. He likes to interfere with others business, and he is very curious in everything.  He’s the father of two kids and loves them and cares very much about them, and he would do everything to make them happy.


Other characters:

* Rachel Creed is Louis’s wife
* Eileen is Rachel and Louis’s daughter.
* Gage is Rachel and Louis’s son.

* Jud is Rachel, Louis, Eileen and Gage’s neighbour.


There are some other characters too, but they’re not so important.


The end:

The end is VERY surprising. I would never guest that the end of that book was like this. I think it’s surprisingly for everyone who sees that book. Maybe it was so surprising because in other books of other authors you’re used to the happy ever after end, but in the books that are written of Stephen King you can just dream on, cause that kind of end is very hard to find. Almost none of his books have that happy end, and that makes Stephen King so special.


And I loved it, but very surprisingly.


What you can learn of the book:
I think the message he’s trying to give us is that you should not play god, or mess with the way of the nature. Some things are meant to be, and shouldn’t be screwed with, even though you want it to be different, or want it how it was before. We should get better and better to appreciate and accept things that happen. We should also be happy and satisfied with the few memories we have in our hearts. Even if it’s hard, some times the death is better.


Remember, some things are better that way.


My opinion about the book:

I think the book was just great. It was exciting, cool, fun, scary and absolutely fantastic. Some points of the book made me get goose-skin down my whole back. It’s amazing what a man can get in ONE book.




My recommendation:

I recommend it to everyone who likes scary, cool, fun, exciting, tense, and important books. It’s for both boys and girls in all ages. I will definitely recommend this one!


My throw of the DICE:


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