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Film: Madagascar

Filmresymé av den animerte filmen "Madagascar".

Karakter: 5+

Sjanger:Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Lastet opp:29.09.2005
Bilder: Denne oppgaven inneholder bilder.
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The film Madagascar is a computer-animated movie that is entertaining for all ages. The language in this film is appealing and tasteful for all age groups. The main characters are a lion, a hippopotamus, a zebra and a giraffe. The first part of the movie takes place in a New York zoo, where the zebra known as Marty is dreaming of getting out in the wild. He escapes from the zoo, and his friends follow him out in to the big city. After being caught, they were sent by ship to the wild fields of Africa. By accident, the animal transport boxes were lost at sea, and they were flushed ashore on island of Madagascar. The lion, also known as Alex, wanted to leave the island, but this was the place Marty had dreamed of! That led to many discussions that turned Marty and Alex against each other. They were stuck on the island for a few days, before they were eventually had the opportunity to get saved by a passing ship. They reflected about the past few days, and realized that they belong in the wilderness of Madagascar.


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