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To An Angel

Dikt jeg fikk av en god venn av meg.. Kom gjerne med tilbakemeldinger!
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:21.07.2005
Tema:Sorg og savn

When I raise my eyes up high

Far above the clear night sky

I seek for an angel to guide me through

And the angel that I see is you


When I see your lovely face

and feel your heartly warm embrace

I am sure this is too much

Cus' only an angel could have this touch


Because you is who I'm longing for

Just be with you, nothing more

And even now, I just can't see

How you, an angel could find me


Because you is who I were seeking for

An angel to see me and maybe more

And now indeed I'we been seen

By the lovliest angel there ever been

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