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Interview: This is how I work

Intervju på engelsk om mine foreldres arbeidsplass.
Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:03.06.2005
Tema:Spesielle arbeid
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I interviewed my stepfather Olav about his work and workplace, right after he had come back from work. In his blue work pants, full of dirt and dust.


- What kind of a work do you?

- Im working as a carpenter, for a company called Nordia.

- For how long time have you worked as a carpenter?

- Well, it’s nearly twenty years now since I had my first job as a learner. That’s was for another company though. Says Olav

- How do you get to work?

- I drive to work everyday by car, sometimes the company pays my gas consumption. If I have to use my car driving in the work time.

- How long is your work day?

- It depends, but usually it is between 7 to 8 hours per day.

- Since you’re a carpenter, you must have many tools?

- Yes, I have all kinds of tools. From small saws to big saws, from big drills to small drills. Almost everything, says Olav proud.

- What education/skills are needed to work as a carpenter?

- You’ll have to study for 3 years. Then you can start to work. It’s important that you are good with your hands, and you also need to work fast.

- What’s the part you like best about your job?

- There I’ll have to say that it’s to work independent, but also that I work on different places and meet new people.

- What’s the part of your job that you don’t like?

- I don’t like to isolate, because then I’ll become full of dust. And it’s really itchy, says Olav smiling.

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