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Interview with Theo Greengrass

Intervju på engelsk.

Karakter: 5+

Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:12.05.2005
Tema:Europeiske samfunn

I met Theo Greengrass on his school in London. The weather was fine and we sat down on a bench outside of the school. Theo is busy with school and friends, but he has time to get interviewed.


- What are your hobbies?

- I like to play football, baseball and I also like to play with my peppermint pig called Timmy, says Theo.   

- Why do you like to play with a peppermint pig, are’nt they to dirty to keep inside? (A peppermint pig is a pig who is to small to grow up.)

- They are’nt so dirty, they can be very clean if you raise them well. I like to play with my peppermint pig because, he’s so cute and small, says Theo and try to convince me that his peppermint pig is’nt dirty.

- What have you done for the last weeks?

- I have played with my peppermint pig and I have played with my friends. I got to tell you this to, about two weeks ago I received a pink wollen vest from my aunt Sarah and I weared it on, a whole school day! Says Theo and smile.

Teasing at school is a big problem these days and a lot of pupils comes home crying almost every day!

- When you weared the pink wollen vest, did people tease you?

- No, nobody teased my because I hid it under my jacket the whole day, says Theo and laugh.

- What are your thoughts about teasing at school?

- I think it is horrible that people get teased, especialy over time, says Theo and explain that he often get teased by a boy at his school.

- What can we do to make teasing at school come to an end?

- I think that everyone can be as nice as they can, and we have to let every kinds of people take part of the social games, says Theo with a mighty voice.

- What are your plans for the future?

- I’m going to be a veterinary, so I can help animals and establish my own peppermint pig clinic, says Theo and smile.


Thanks for the interviw Theo I hope that you and your peppermint pig Timmy get a great time in the future. Peter has a great ambition to take care of animals and I hope that many young pupils look up to him.

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