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The burglar

Patrick the police meets the thief.
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A car drew up outside the Swan Hotel and a young man got out. Pausing only for an instant to see that he had come to the right place, e went into the hotel and rang the bell at the counter of the bar…


It took some time before anyone came. But then, out of nowhere, the hotel manager stepped forth.

“Do you want a room sir….?” He said slowly.

“Patrick, doctor Patrick, yes I do want a room indeed, a suite if you would be so kind.” Answered Patrick with his polite voice.

“Of course we’ve got the king suite, but it’s very expensive, and you don’t look like a, well, a wealthy man…” He said with a nervous voice.

“In fact I can, you see I won last week’s lottery. And I’m only staying for one night.” Answered Patrick quickly.

After the embarrassing conversation with the manager, he got the keys, and went up to find his suite being robbed by a burglar.

“Couldn’t you have waited for me to unpack my things young sir?” Patrick said with the same polite tone.

“What!?” the thief was stunned. “Just walk out the door and pretend this didn’t happen. And keep your mouth shut, okay?” The burglar whispered.

“No can do, you see this is my room. Can’t you…. take your business somewhere else, perhaps in the hotel manager’s room, hmm?” He answered the burglar.


The thief looked like a big question mark. And stumbled out of the room. And Patrick, as if nothing had happened , unpacked his luggage. He placed the urn containing his moms remains over the fireplace. After putting the gold fish in a bowl, Patrick drove to a fine restaurant just outside the hotel’s parking lot, which wasn’t big by the way ;) . At the restaurant only the “finest” people in Britain came, with some exceptions, like Patrick himself. Who was still wearing his morning gown. Many people starred as he walked further into the room. Patrick didn’t feel embarrassed at all, he found a table where he made him self comfortable, and ordered: Bread and water. But he got: Stake with baked potatoes and wine.


After a pretty lame meal (Patrick’s words) he went out to find his car being robbed by the same burglar again!

“Oh excuse me sir I better get going, so if you mind moving you head out of the vehicle.” Patrick said.

“You again, I’m going to shoot you if you don’t leave, now!” The thief yelled.

“Ahh, nice handgun you got there, I haven’t seen one of those since 1942, you mind if I take a look?” Patrick asked.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt, you’re too stupid to use it anyway, here.” The thief handed over the gun.

“Well I go to disappoint you, I’m London police, and you’re under arrest. We’ve been looking for you a long time now…” Patrick laughed.

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