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Tupac: Resurrection

Bokanmeldelse av Tupac: Resurrection.
Sjanger:Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Lastet opp:15.03.2005
Tema:Tupac: Resurrection
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Tupac: Resurrection is an autobiography of the late Tupac Amaru Shakur. It's based on the documentary film with the same name. Although it's an autobiography, it's actually more like a biography. The book is written in his own true words. All you can read is actual quotes from him put together to tell the story of Tupac.


His mother, Afeni Shakur, was sick and tired of watching people put together movies and write books trying to interpret Tupac's life, so she decided to make Tupac: Resurrection - The true story of Tupac. A documentary as true and real as it can get. The only person who knows how Tupac truly was like, must be himself, and the person who knows Tupac best after himself is most likely his mother. So she did the best she could and hired people to collect pictures, poems, lyrics, screenplay ideas, personal letters and most importantly quotes throughout Tupac's life.


Here's a little note from Afeni Shakur that is written in the back of Tupac: Resurrection which pretty much explains how she feels about the book:


"Tupac loved to read! Books were a constant part of his life. As much as Tupac loved to read, he enjoyed talking.


From our earliest commitment to a documentary of Tupac Shakur's life, we had to allow Tupac to narrate his own journey through film. The embryo of this important book was already beginning to impose itself upon our production plans for the film. It was as if Tupac's spirit reminded us that he wanted to tell his own story not only on film, but in print. The film is a very powerful voice of Tupac, but an accompanying book was obviously unavoidable. Amaru's own Ms. Karolyn Ali went searching for publishers who would not distort our vision for this project. Thankfully, we did not have to search further than Judith Curr, who published Tupac's The Rose That Grew from Concrete. When Judith took over the helm at Atria, we became reenergized with her faith in our project.


This book is a result of the work of many people. More importantly, the book is an extension of my son's thoughts, beliefs, and the way he viewed life! Thank you, Tupac, for sharing your world on film and in the pages of this book. We hope you are not disappointed.






The book lets you get under Tupac's skin and into his mind, and in some way you can actually relate to what he is saying, not because you might have been through it, but because you hear about most of it in the news every single day. Although all his music and all of his words are from the past, they still have a meaning today. The life he lived was a life of a caring and giving individual. He really reached out to his community and to the whole world.


It was a true pleasure to read this book because I really got a good and intimate insight to Tupac's work and life. I strongly recommend this book to not only the ones who are devoted fans, but to everyone.


It's the biography Tupac Amaru Shakur never got to write...

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