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Om det engelske bandet Oasis.
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Oasis are a brit-pop band from Manchester, England and originally consisted of singer Liam Gallagher, his older brother Noel on the solo guitar and backing vocals, rhythm-guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, bassist Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan and drummer Tony McCarroll. The band was founded in 1992 by Liam, Bonehead, Tony and Guigsy. After coming back from touring with a band called Inspiral Carpets, Noel joined the band also. He was to become the band’s genius songwriter, and many would say Oasis wouldn’t be as big as they are now without him.


Their first album “Definitely Maybe” was released in 1994, meeting great critics. With this they started a huge “pop war” versus Blur. However, Blur had to see themselves beaten by Oasis when it came to success. But this seemed to hit their heads as they went crazy on tour, destroying every hotel room in sight. Drug problems became an issue for several of the members of the band.


In 1995 Tony was kicked out of the band and new drummer Alan White has played in the band since then. The band released their second album “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” and got a monster hit with “Wonderwall” plus it became the fastest selling album since Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. Guigsy decided to leave the band due to depression that year as well and went home to London, only to realize he had nothing to occupy his time with, so he joined the band once again. But in 1999 he said stop and ended his history in Oasis for good. In the same year, a little before Guigsy left, Bonehead got out of the band too because of his wife and children. They were replaced with bass player Andy Bell and rhythm-guitarist Gem Archer. Gem had just left his old band Heavy Stereos when he joined Oasis.


But the Gallagher brothers have both remained the main characters of the group. Being two confident, arrogant and independant people they haven’t exactly stayed out of trouble over the past years. They are both well-known as every hotel room’s fear and fighting with press people and paparazzis became a habit. Together with the rest of Oasis they can be called one of the most trouble-making bands in the world.


Also within the band there have been fights; between Liam and Noel in particular. Because of that, rumours said that this might be the end for Oasis, and it didn’t get any better when both Bonehead and Guigsy left in the same year. But in 2000 the rumours was blown off when Oasis released a new album called “Standing On the Shoulder Of Giants”.


Today, 12 years after they first started they have become one of the greatest British bands ever with seven albums, countless awards and thousands of fans as a part of their rollercoaster ride. And it seems they are planning to stay around for a lot longer. If not, then at least in our minds; Wonderwall is probably still going to be played on the radio ten years from now.


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